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Planning an event? Great! But can you do it while still being kind to the environment? Take this quiz to find out how you'd fare planning a sustainable event.

What's the No. 1 waste material discarded at special events?

According to a study by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, the item discarded most at special events is paper. Surprised? Think about all the flyers, paper plates and other junk you get handed at events these days.


In 2011 the Eco Music Festival in Snowmass, Colo. debuted what some called the "greenest event tent" in the world. What material was the tent's canopy made of?

The supports were made from trees decimated by pine beetles and the canopies were reused parachutes. Talk about taking "reuse" to heart!


What nickname is sometimes given to "zero waste events"?

No, it's not a hybrid of a zucchini and a kiwi. A ZeeWee is an event that produces absolutely no waste (or tries to).


In 2009 the band U2 was criticized for the carbon emissions of its 360 World Tour. How many trees did a British carbon consultancy say the band would have to plant to offset its carbon emissions for one year of touring?

More than 20,000 trees is a whole lot of forest! Events -- especially concerts -- are notorious for waste.


Serving locally grown and raised food is a definite must for a green event, if only to reduce emissions from travel. How far do the ingredients in the average American meal travel before they reach your plate?

1,500 miles will take their toll. You can reduce energy consumption and pollution by serving food at your event that's grown and raised locally.


It's estimated that collecting name badges for reuse from 1,300 attendees at an event can save how much money?

Believe it or not, something as simple as collecting and reusing name badges not only reduces waste but saves $1,000.


Every ton of paper that's recycled saves how much landfill space?

Saving 3 cubic yards in the landfill is one reason to ensure recycling is implemented at your next event. But don't stop there -- choose recycled paper to begin with to keep the cycle going.


Getting guests to use public transportation instead of arriving by car can really have an impact. How much gasoline does public transportation use in the U.S. save each year?

Using public transportation saves a whopping 1.4 billion gallons of gas per year.


True or False: Sustainability measures at your event can often save you money.

Even small measures like sending electronic invitations and eliminating paper handouts can save bucks on printing and paper costs.


What's the first thing you should do when planning a sustainable event?

Creating a sustainable event takes a lot of work and planning. So before you do anything, sit down and make a plan. Know your goals and they'll be esier to achieve!


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