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Even the roof over your head can confer social benefits. By reducing the heat radiated into the atmosphere and helping to insulate your home, a cooler roof can benefit the environment as a whole.

What's the name of the newly identified phenomenon that describes the increased ambient temperatures in cities?

Hotter roofing materials have contributed to the heat island effect that raises the temperature in cities over time.


According to scientific research, how much money could be saved in energy costs with the implementation of worldwide reflective roofing?

A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study found that reflective roofing could create substantial energy savings worldwide -- up to $600 billion!


What's the coolest color for a roof?

Though many builders do offer eco-friendly tiles and shingles in peach and sand colors, white is the most reflective, and thus the coolest.


Which city does NOT have higher standards than federal requirements for cool roofing?

As of 2011, Atlanta doesn't have higher standards than the federal requirements. Chicago was one of the first to adopt high standards.


Which type of roof is cooler?

Although metal doesn't sound that cool in theory, the metals that are treated with reflective pigment present a smooth, reflective, cool surface. The smoother surface reflects light better than the bumpy surface of shingles.


True or false: A "living roof" covered with plants is considered a cool roof.

Technically, the plant-covered "living roof" is not a cool roof, because it doesn't have reflective properties. But it does insulate the building it covers, which helps make it green.


Which option helps cool a roof without involving paint or shingles?

Gutters and foam may not help, but thermal plastic covers can vastly improve a roof's reflective qualities.


Which material is NOT a common cool roofing material?

A modified form of tar is one of the best cool materials for covering a roof, and clay tiles are another great cool option. Glass, however, is not a common cool roofing material.


How long can you expect your clay-tiled roof to last?

Clay tiles, which are made from natural materials, can last up to 100 years, and many companies offer 75-year warranties.


True or false: A single-ply thermoset roof is sometimes called a "rubber roof."

It's true! This insulating form of roof is made from a roof membrane derived from oil and natural gas that's cured and bonded to roofing materials.


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