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Your system needs a good cleansing and the place to do it is at a sweat lodge. Is it healthy or risky? Take this hot quiz on sweat lodges and find out.

With what do people in the United States normally associate sweat lodges?

They normally associate sweat lodges with Native American tradition.


Why do the Polish people use sweat lodges?

It's used in Poland as part of folk medicine.


When does the earliest evidence of sweat lodges date back to?

The nomadic Scythians, in the area of today's southern Russia, used them in 5 B.C.


Which of these are valid reasons for sweat lodges, according to Native American culture?

Native American culture sees sweat lodges as forums to give thanks and celebrate, as well as to cleanse, heal and mourn.


Why did Christians force Native Americans to give up their sweat ritual?

The Native Americans viewed the sweat ritual as sacred, which was anathema to Christianity.


In what way are sweat lodges different from saunas?

People usually spend about 20 minutes in a sauna, but a few hours in a sweat lodge.


Some sweat lodges are built into a hole in the ground. What are they covered with?

They're covered with wooden planks or tree trunks.


What method do they use to heat up the sweat lodge?

They take rocks from nearby, heat them up outside the lodge and then place them inside, adding more rocks to maintain the heat.


How hot are sweat lodges?

They're generally heated to around 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius).


Why do they sometimes pour water on the hot rocks?

They do this in order to make the sweat lodge really steamy. But they have to keep doing it, because the water-soaked rocks cool down quicker than dry ones.


It's rumored that some sweat lodges are built in total silence. Is this true?

Yes, it's true. Some traditional ones have strict codes of conduct and, due to ritual and the sacredness of what they are doing, the builders must work in total silence.


Sweat lodges are becoming increasingly popular and are built at:

They're becoming increasingly popular at spas and resorts.


Which of these are sometimes recommended before one undertakes a sweat experience?

Actually, it is often recommended that one fast or abstain from alcohol before going for a sweat.


Whose job is it to tend to the fire in the sweat lodge?

It's the job of the firekeeper to do this.


What sorts of "offerings" can people add to the hot rocks?

Offerings consist of sweet grass or tobacco, or even cedar.


Who attends nude sweats?

This one is a male-only ritual. For women, a loose-fitting dress is considered appropriate attire.


What medical conditions are sweats reputed to heal?

They apparently heal head colds and sinus problems, in addition to arthritis, skin conditions and more.


If you feel a headache, nausea or fatigue in a sweat lodge, what might this be a sign of?

They might be signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion.


Why should rocks not be reused after one sweat?

Used rocks can develop cracks and explode if they are used a second time.


Who is most at risk in a sweat lodge?

Elderly people or those with compromised immune systems are most at risk. There have been cases of severe dehydration or even death in a sweat lodge.


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