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A warm day relaxing by the pool with the family is the very definition of summer fun. But tragedy can strike at any moment when you combine young children and deep water. Congress has passed laws that attempt to reduce the risk to which children are exposed in and around swimming pools.

In what year was the Swimming Pool Safety Act (SPSA) passed?

Congress passed the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act on Dec. 19, 2007


What sort of buffer period was the SPSA given?

Unlike certain laws that don't go into affect for many years, Congress allowed only a one year buffer for the SPSA. The law went into effect on Dec. 19th, 2008.


The basic goal of the Swimming Pool Safety Act (SPSA) was to improve the safety of which of these groups?

When it comes to children and water, tragedy is always just a moment away. Congress passed this safety act to provide added safety measures for children playing in and around pools and spas.


At what age is a child at greatest risk of drowning?

Toddlers -- age one to three -- who have recently learned to walk, but have not yet developed a sense of danger, are at the greatest risk in and around water.


What percentage of annual water-related tragedies occur to toddlers?

As much as 75 percent of drownings involve children between the ages of one and three.


Virginia Baker was the granddaughter of which of these politicians?

Virginia Graeme Baker was the granddaughter of former secretary of state James Baker III. She died in a tragic drowning accident in a spa pool, which brought to light the dangers children face when playing in and around water.


Which federal agency is charged with enforcement of the SPSA?

The SPSA focuses on how certain types of pools and spas are built, making it a consumer safety issue rather than a criminal issue. Such matters are under the jurisdiction of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).


Federal funding for the SPSA is given to whom?

States that participate in the SPSA are provided with federal funding to meet the standards set in the SPSA.


Which is the best way to keep an unattended child away from a pool?

The SPSA requires that fences be built around pools to prevent unattended children from entering the pool area, thus endangering themselves.


To which sorts of pools does the SPSA apply?

The SPSA applies to all public and private pools.


The SPSA mandates that pool drains be covered for what reason?

Children can easily get caught in a pool drain, trapping them under water, which was how Virginia Baker died. Improved drain covers are among the safety features of the SPSA.


Pools run by the federal government are considered what?

Federally run pools and spas are considered public, and are subject to the standards set in the SPSA. This differs from certain safety standard laws from which the federal government is exempt.


Safety fences to be built around pools should be at least how high?

The SPSA requires that pools be surrounded by a fence that is at lest 48 inches (122cm) tall.


The bottom clearance for a pool's fence should be no higher than what?

The SPSA requires the bottom clearance of a pool's fence to be no higher than 4 inches (10cm), so that even a very small child can't crawl under the fence.


If you're building a new pool or spa, and cannot afford to build a drain that complies with the SPSA, what can you do?

One of the most interesting features of the SPSA was section 1406(a), which allows for pools with no drain at all. The reasoning is that you're better off having no drain than a dangerous one.


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