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It began as a movement for a more open society and devolved into a dehumanizing debacle. How much do you know about the Syrian Civil War?

Who is the leader of pro-government forces that are attempting to stamp out resistance from many groups in Syria?

His willingness to brutalize his own citizens is fuel for the civil war.


How many Syrians have died in the conflict?

And more than 10 million have been displaced and forced to roam to avoid death and destruction.


Some evidence shows that the Syrian government may have executed at least how many detainees?

There's evidence of many other human rights violations, but the chaos makes it hard to substantiate many cases.


In what year did the Syrian Civil War begin?

And it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.


When was the country under emergency rule?

The emergency rules gave the government abusive powers, such as banning public demonstrations.


In this civil war, about how many soldiers make up the Syrian Armed Forces?

They are supported by tens of thousands of other soldiers allied with President Assad.


What events triggered the civil war?

The Arab Spring caused pro-democracy demonstrations that were met by military action.


After widespread protests, what happened on March 29, 2011?

The move was calculated to appease the unruly protesters.


In part to defuse protests, to what factor did President Assad attribute the uprising?

He said that foreign influences were to blame for the instability.


How did the government attempt to disrupt demonstrations?

The blackout cut off several cities from most modern communications and marked an ominous shift in the standoff.


In which city have a huge number of deaths occurred in comparison to the rest of the country?

The city was under siege for three years, inflicting massive suffering to its residents.


As protests mounted, government officials said that they would treat demonstrations as if they were what?

Ironically, security forces continued shooting protesters, obviously a public safety hazard.


The Syria Civil War might be viewed in part as a proxy war between which two powerful nations?

The Russians are backing government loyalists, and the Americans are helping the rebels.


Both the U.S. and Russia oppose which force that is fighting in Syria?

Due to its brutality and intolerance, ISIS has found few allies in major governments.


In August 2013, Assad's forces used which weapon of mass destruction to kill hundreds of people?

The government, in turn, blamed the rebels for the chemical attack.


In 2012, Turkey estimated that about how many Syrian soldiers had defected?

But in some areas, the population and its forces are very supportive of Assad's regime.


Of the nearly 5 million people who have fled Syria, what percentage have traveled to Europe?

The influx of refugees has caused numerous conflicts across Europe.


What percentage of Syria's population has been displaced by the war?

Many of them don't have access to basic necessities for daily life.


Defecting Syrian officers formed which rebel group to fight Assad's forces?

The U.S. is allegedly offering assistance to the FSA in hopes of ending Assad's reign.


The Al-Nusra Front is a branch of which group?

It is made up mostly of Sunni fighters taking up arms hoping to create a fundamentalist Islamic state in Syria.


By one U.S. defense estimate, how many various rebel groups are a part of the fighting?

The chaos is so great that it's difficult to determine who is fighting whom.


Which city is sometimes called "the capital of the revolution?"

Much of the city is completely destroyed, and thousands of people have been killed there.


The Syrian Democratic Forces have leveled their guns primarily at which group?

The group's goal is to bring a new brand of democratic order to Syria.


About what percentage of Syria's population no longer has access to suitable drinking water?

Both sides are accused of leveraging civilian suffering for political gain.


How many countries in the U.S.-led coalition have conducted air strikes in Iraq and Syria?

They've carried out more than 10,000 strikes and still the violence continues.


How many of the country's six UNESCO World Heritage Sites have been damaged during the conflict?

Hundreds of other culturally significant sites have been damaged or destroyed.


About how many Syrian refugees has Turkey registered?

Neighboring countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have been forced to deal with millions of refugees uprooted by violence.


Which group does Iran support in the fighting?

Even with Iran's help, Assad has been unable to control the unrest.


Why did U.S. President Barack Obama threaten to attack Assad's forces?

In the end, Obama's threats were toned down, but the U.S. did eventually begin air strikes against limited targets.


Since the end of WWII, how long have civil wars lasted, on average?

Which means that the conflict in Syria may have a long ways to go.


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