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OK, folks. We're each taking a crack at the Ultimate SYSK Quiz. This is Chuck's version and it's going to be tricky, even for the diehard fans. Good luck!

Chuck is known for wearing two baseball caps. One is his Atlanta Braves cap. What does the other one say?

It takes a sharp eye, but the answer is out there. Chuck's favorite hat reads "Last Chance Garage."


Which is the shortest SYSK podcast?

These are all shorties from the early days, but "How Evolution in Isolation Works" clocks in at a trim 4 minutes, 57 seconds.


True or False: Chuck's first episode as co-host of SYSK was the short and sweet "Are dogs really man's best friend?"

Close, but no cigar. Chuck's first episode was the short and not-so-sweet "Why does toothpaste make orange juice taste bad?"


Which episode marked the beginning of Chuck's permanent stay on SYSK?

Mark your calendars for July 15, because in 2008, Chuck became the permanent co-host with "Can I survive a shark attack?"


Which was the first podcast to crack the 10-minute barrier?

We flirted with longer shows, but the first one to crack the 10-minute mark was "Exactly what happens if we run out of water?" Since then, there's been no turning back.


Which was the first show to touch on religion?

We haven't touched on the Pope yet, but we did kick off our religious programming with a show on prayer healing.


True or false: Statistically speaking, the middle of an airplane has shown to be safest place to sit.

False. Stats show that you have a slightly better chance of surviving a plane crash if your seat is near the rear.


Which was the first show to feature added sound design from Jeri?

Jeri has been known to spice things up every now and then, and the moonshine podcast was her first go at it.


Which podcast kick-started Chuck's energetic Italian pronunciations?

This one should be easy for even the casual SYSK fan -- it's a ponzi!


What is the Peter Principle?

Josh loves his after school specials, but the Peter Principle is the idea that employees will rise to their level of incompetence.


Who are the only two people to ever be featured as third co-hosts with Josh and Chuck?

With shows on the Necronomicon and health care, SYSK was proud to feature both Jonathan Strickland and Molly Edmonds.


Which episode featured multiple references to the band Santana?

Anyone who has listened to the geocaching episode knows that there's no better geocache prize than a Santana CD.


Which episode featured the first reference to the TV show "Gilligan's Island?"

Who can forget Josh's reading of the line from the Japanese straggler episode of "Gilligan's Island" -- "What do you think, I dunderhead?"


Which episode featured a very odd way of catching fish?

We may have talked about fishing in the other episodes, but noodling was the weirdest method of all.


Which odd fact about redheads did we mention in one episode?

Some redheads may be left handed and have sweet teeth, but the weird fact we verified is that they actually require more laughing gas to knock them out.


Which episode featured an interview with news reporter Paula Zahn?

In the episode about the Innocence Project, we spoke with Paula Zahn about her interviews with the wrongly convicted.


Which traffic term did Josh invent in the episode "How Traffic Works?"

Josh is prone to creating terms when the existing ones don't suit his fancy. Such was the case when he invented "traffic bubble." We're still waiting for it to catch on.


Who was the first confirmed "celebrity fan" of SYSK?

We've mentioned a few famous folks who say they like our show, but the first one we ever heard about was Mr. Wil Wheaton.


What is the most often requested show topic that Josh and Chuck will likely never cover?

It's been said a few times on the show that we'll likely never cover Scientology. Tom Cruise is just too powerful.


True or False: The show's title "Stuff You Should Know" was created by Josh.

Although the idea for the podcast came from the editor-in-chief at HowStuffWorks, the show's title was all Josh.


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