Tablet Computers for Kids: Which one's right for you?

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Is your kid hogging your tablet computer? If so, then perhaps it's best to buy her a tablet of her own. If you've done your research on kids' tablet computers, then maybe you'll ace this quiz.

True or false: Consumer Reports named the Vinci Tab the best tablet computer for games.

False. Consumer Reports favored the Vtech InnoTab for games because it's the only child's tablet on the market with an accelerometer, which means the tablet responds when you tilt it.


As of February 2012, which of these was the most expensive children's tablet on the market?

The Vinci Tab takes the biggest bite out of your wallet, with a base price of $390.


Which children's tablet comes in a handy clamshell design?

The Fisher-Price iXL comes in a clamshell design, meaning it can be snapped closed and carried around for easy portability.


This child's tablet is aimed at kids 12 months and older.

The Vinci Tab is aimed at kids 12 months and older. It has a red protective "bumper" around the screen.


This child's tablet is aimed at kids aged 3 to 7.

The Fisher-Price iXL is aimed at kids aged 3 to 7, offering up games, a digital reader and an art studio.


Consumer Reports named this tablet "the most fun overall."

The LeapPad was named the most fun overall by Consumer Reports, a claim backed up by its panel of child testers.


True or false: The Fisher-Price iXL has the longest battery life of all tablet computers tested by Consumer Reports.

True. With a 13-hour battery life, the Fisher-Price iXL will keep going without a charge for longer than most tablet computers made for adults.


Which tablet comes with a pet avatar that shows your child how to use the tablet?

The LeapPad comes with a customizable pet avatar that shows your child how to navigate the tablet and its functions.


With this tablet, you can set up your child's profile without having to connect to a computer first.

The Vtech InnoTab allows you to set up your child's profile without having to first connect to a computer, making it truly "out of the box."


This tablet runs on an Android operating system.

The Vinci Tab runs on an Android operating system, which means a wide variety of apps can be downloaded onto it.


This tablet stores data in the "cloud," allowing for nearly unlimited storage.

The Kindle Fire uses the Amazon "cloud" to store apps, music, books and other data.


Which children's tablet has the most internal storage?

The VinciTab has the most internal storage out of these three, coming in at 8GB.


True or false: None of the children's tablets come with an internal camcorder.

False. The LeapPad and the Vinci Tab both have internal camcorders.


Which is the only children's tablet that doesn't come with an MP3/music player?

The LeapPad does not come with its own music player.


True or false: The Fisher-Price iXL lets you track your child's skills progress online.

False. With the LeapPad, you can go online and track your child's progress. You can also customize skill levels in learning games.


Consumer Reports said this tablet had the best display out of the children's tablets it tested.

The Vinci Tab had the highest ratings for screen and display.


Which tablet comes encased in a red rubber bumper?

The Vinci Tablet is surrounded by a protective red rubber bumper.


This tablet features a 5-inch (12.7-centimeter) screen encased in plastic.

The Vtech InnoTab features a 5-inch screen encased in plastic, making it rugged enough for little hands.


True or false: The Kindle Fire, a popular tablet for tweens and teens, has a 7-inch (17.78-centimeter) touchscreen.

True. It's bigger than most children's tablets, but smaller than the iPad.


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