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Are you planning a trip around the U.S.? There are some places you have probably included as a "must see" even though your friends tell you they are tacky tourist traps. However, tourist traps can lure you in and before you know it, you've succumbed. Take this quiz to see how much you know about avoiding the five tackiest tourist traps in the U.S.

How do you know when you have fallen into a tourist trap?

Multiple gift shops are a feature of all good tourist traps. Gifts may range from a shot glass to a back scratcher with the name of the place printed on it.


How do the locals near a tourist trap tend to act?

You can tell the degree of popularity of a tourist trap by how much the locals avoid it. The more popular it is, the more they will try to stay away.


Which is the ultimate tourist trap of Los Angeles?

Hollywood Boulevard is considered to be the biggest tourist trap in Los Angeles.


What now replaces the glitz and glamour that once adorned Hollywood Boulevard?

Panhandlers, odd smells and many gift shops now line the famous Hollywood street in place of the glory it once had. You are probably better off visiting places like the Hollywood and Highland Complex, where the Academy Awards are held, for better dining and shopping opportunities.


Which world-famous wax museum might you want to visit while in Hollywood?

Madame Tussauds world-famous wax museum resides in Hollywood and has recently expanded to a 44,000-square-foot complex. Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not! museum are also places you may want to drop into while you are touring in Hollywood.


What sort of area was Las Vegas, Nevada, built in?

Las Vegas was built in the middle of nowhere for the purpose of attracting tourists and taking their money.


How much does the "King Neptune" costume of Liberace, the famous piano player, weigh?

For just $15 you can see the 200 pound "King Neptune" costume and many other costumes of Liberace, as well as his various decorated pianos, on display at the Liberace museum in Vegas.


At least how many Stonehenge replicas are there in the U.S.?

The U.S. is host to at least half a dozen Stonehenge replicas.


Where is the real Stonehenge located?

The true Stonehenge has resided in the English countryside since prehistoric times.


Maryhill, Washington is the host to the first Stonehenge replica. Why was it built?

The Maryhill Stonehenge was built in 1930 as a tribute to soldiers who had fallen in World War I. It is made from reinforced concrete and was built to scale, making it the most accurate of the Stonehenge replicas.


Which other unlikely items have been used to make Stonehenge replicas?

Stonehenge replicas have varied from the "Stonefridge" made of refrigerators in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the "Carhenge" made of 38 old cars in Alliance, Nebraska.


What can you expect to see at Dinosaur World?

Dinosaur World is host to fossil replicas that stand stuck in time. You can find Dinosaur World in Texas, Kentucky or Florida. Although admission is relatively cheap, there is no food in the park and you will need to bring your own or order in. The gift shop is dedicated to the T. Rex.


How is it possible to find real fossils when participating in the "fossil dig" at Dinosaur World?

The staff plant "fossils" from sea animals in the sand for kids to find when participating in the fossil dig.


Which border does the "South of the Border" attraction sit on?

South of the Border sits on the North and South Carolina border. It was created by Alan Schafer, owner of what was then a small roadside supplies store, who was inspired when he saw the words "Schafer Project: South of the Border" written on boxes being delivered to him, and started importing Mexican souvenirs.


Beside seeing the nearly 200-foot Sombrero Tower, what else can you do at South of the Border?

You can camp out in one of the RV campsites or you might prefer one of the motels at South of the Border. You may even choose to tie the knot while you stay in South of the Border in their Pleasure Dome chapel. You can also ride the Sombrero Tower elevator for just $1 or visit one of the two massive gift shops.


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