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You can’t control the crazy uncle that photo bombs an otherwise picture-perfect snapshot of you and the groom cutting the cake, but you can make an effort to look your personal best in your wedding photos. Do you know which poses are slimming and what kind of lighting is most flattering in photographs? Take this quiz and see how you score.

Which kind of lotion isn’t recommended for bridal portraits?

Glitter and other sparkling lotions often register as sweat in photographs, so beauty experts recommend nixing luminescent lotions the day of the wedding. The tiny pieces of shimmer also tend to rub off on the groom, leaving a trail of unwanted glitter on a black tuxedo.


What's the best pose to slenderize your arms in a strapless wedding dress?

While you might think clasping your arms behind your back or clenching them next to your body will hide arm flab, but both poses will make your shoulders look broader and arms appear bigger. To slim your arms, lift them out just enough so there's a small gap of space between them and your sides.


To prevent glare in wedding photos, consider:

When a camera flash is used, eye glasses can create glare. Consider removing them for formal portraits and any other time your photographer recommends.


True or false: You should share any family tensions with your photographer before the wedding.

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes certain family members just don’t get along. Share any pertinent family tensions with your photographer before the big day, and he’ll be prepared to navigate family portraits in a way to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible.


Where is the best spot to take photos outdoors?

Bright sunlight can distort features and cast unwanted shadows, so stand in places with shade for the best outdoor photos.


What should you NOT do in the middle of a wedding photo session?

Some couples change into their more comfortable reception clothes in the middle of their photo shoot, but it’s never a good idea to try new makeup products the day of your wedding. Your skin could have a reaction or breakout, and you’d have little time to remedy the situation.


When sitting, how can you flatter your thighs and calves in photographs?

Experts suggest standing in photos, but when you have to sit, cross your legs at the ankles to slim your thighs and calves.


What’s one way to make your neck appear longer in photos?

Experts suggest wearing your hair in an updo and accessorizing with long earrings to give the appearance of an elongated neck.


To reduce photo-related stress the day of the wedding, you should:

Before the wedding, make a list of photos you want -- and don’t want -- so no pose is forgotten. Ask parents which photos they’d like, too, to ensure picture-taking goes as smoothly as possible.


When should you take your wedding photos, before or after the ceremony?

You can choose to take your wedding photos either before or after the ceremony -- it just depends on your personal preference! Either way, share your plans with your photographer before the wedding so your day is organized accordingly.


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