Quiz: Take a Spin Through the Grocery Aisles and We'll Reveal Your Emotional Age
Take a Spin Through the Grocery Aisles and We'll Reveal Your Emotional Age
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Alexander Spatari/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Grocery shopping is one of those chores that just has to be done. Almost nobody likes it, no matter how much time and money supermarkets spend to make you want to be there. The sole exception might be the farmer's market or co-op, where you actually know the people you're buying from and can really enjoy seeing them and finding out what's in season. Absent that human connection, grocery shopping is mostly a burden.

The upshot of this, of course, is that everyone does it in the way that makes it as painless as possible for them. For some, that means getting around as fast as they can while working from a pre-arranged list. For others, that means meandering slowly through the aisles like a prey animal grazing on the savanna, picking up whatever takes their fancy while listening to a podcast and zoning out. For still others, the unpleasantness of the task is superseded by the need to really watch their health (or that of those for whom they are shopping) and/or their budget. These folks naturally have to seek out bargains and go around brand names to more generic options.

How do you shop for groceries, and what does it tell us? Let's find out!

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Which section do you go to first?

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For how many people are you shopping?

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Do you organize your groceries in the cart to make bagging more efficient?

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Do you always have your money out before you reach checkout?

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What's the most important thing to you when you shop?

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Do you check for ethical concerns, like cage-free​ eggs or pork products raised without farrowing cages?

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Do you touch all the fruit before choosing the ones you want?

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Do you pack your own bags even if there is a person to do it for you?

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Can you resist throwing in a little treat from the checkout lane?

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Do you know how to assess the nutritional value of an item by reading the details on the back?

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What is the least dressed-up you've ever gone to the grocery store?

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Do you avoid stores that are known for unethical business practices, like monopolistic behavior or using lobbyists to get politicians to slant the market?

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Do you get mad if they don't have your favorite flavor, when you know they usually stock it?

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