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Clever, controversial, and oh so funny are words that describe the "Roseanne" TV show as well as the main character, an overweight housewife struggling to make ends meet. More realistic than many of the TV shows of the time, Roseanne drew in viewers year after year for the ready laughs, the realism, and the edgy topics. You probably remember them all AND the characters' names. Then what are you waiting for? Relive the best of the nine-year hit show by taking the quiz right now. 

Roseanne Barr, started as a stand-up comedian who took her real-life situations as a housewife and mother to new heights when fans responded to her "domestic goddess" routine. Touring the country, she garnered a loyal following, then shot to the top when she performed on the Tonight Show. Turning her stand-up comedy into a prime-time TV show was a brilliant move. Besides being one of the longest-running comedy shows, Roseanne stretched beyond acting to writing, directing and producing some of the episodes.  

The show was good to Roseanne in more ways than just financial because she found love on set. She married the actor who played Dan's friend, Tom Arnold. Do you remember it all? The kiss episode? The pregnancy episode? Then it's time to click below and take the challenge. Start the quiz right now!

What is the name of Roseanne’s husband in the show?

Dan Conner may not be a perfect dad, but he loves his family very much.


Who was Dan’s father, who’s a loving grandpa to the kids but sometimes clashes with his own son?

Ed was a traveling salesman, and a womanizer, too.


What is the name of the eldest Conner child?

Becky was first played by Lecy Goranson, then later replaced by Sarah Chalke.


What is the name of Roseanne’s sister on the show?

Jackie is Roseanne’s single sister who can’t get a break with dates sometimes.


What is the name of the third Conner child?

DJ was played by Michael Fishman.


Darlene also had a boyfriend whom she ended up marrying. Who was he?

David was played by Johnny Galecki.


What is the name of Becky’s boyfriend, who ended up married to her?

Mark was played by Glenn Quinn.


What is the name of the second Conner child?

Darlene was played by Sara Gilbert.


The sometimes neurotic Jackie entered this service-oriented job during season 2.

While her sister Roseanne undergoes various menial service jobs, Jackie surprisingly passed her training and became a police officer.


What was Dan’s job?

Dan didn’t have a steady contractor job in the beginning.


What kind of workers are featured on the show, based on their class status and jobs?

The main adult characters of the show are all blue collar workers.


This future movie superstar was a guest in the first season.

Clooney was a foreman in the factory where Roseanne worked.


Based on the central characters, what were the innovations that the show introduced to TV audiences?

The issue of body shaming is not central to this show, since Roseanne wanted to show authenticity and diversity of different kinds of people in her scenarios.


During season 1, Darlene has a storyline that doesn’t get discussed in TV stories often, during that time, at least. What was her issue?

Often, TV shows only mention girls undergoing puberty, but not discussed as extensively as it was handled in this Roseanne storyline.


During the first season, Roseanne and Jackie were workers in this kind of place.

The sisters worked in Wellman Plastics factory, until Roseanne led a walkout of sorts


Incidentally, the Conner girls’ boyfriends are related. How?

Like Becky and Darlene, Mark is older than David.


In season 3, Dan and Roseanne opened this kind of shop with their friend Ziggy.

Their friend bailed out on them later, though. This business eventually closed shop.


In which US state did the Roseanne show take place?

The story takes place in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois.


What kind of family is featured in the show?

The focus on a lower class family resonated with many American viewers, hence the show’s consistent high ratings since season 1.


Later on, Roseanne tries to run this kind of business with other (mostly) female partners.

The restaurant business was good while it lasted


Which of the Conner kids discovered a talent for writing?

Darlene uses this talent to get into college later on.


What was the family name of the household run by Roseanne?

The Conner clan, while struggling, are depicted as happy as they survive daily life.


Which of Nancy’s girlfriends plants a kiss on Roseanne's lips one time?

This kiss was monumental in TV history.


One big reveal of the ending twist was this fact about Dan.

In a vacation episode, Dan had a heart attack which wasn’t fatal. It proved out to be, after all, according to Roseanne.


Which of these guest stars appeared as themselves?

Each Roseanne season could trace many big-named celebrities appearing in special roles or as themselves.


It was only in season 2 where this show’s staple trademark was first introduced.

When the Conners set up their basement as a writing studio of sorts, audiences started to hear Roseanne’s thoughts.


Roseanne is a sitcom based on this stand-up comedian’s routine material.

Roseanne Barr’s “domestic goddess” stand-up comedy routine was the basis for the show’s characters and story arcs.


Another sensitive issue that the show tackled was about this storyline involving Roseanne’s reproductive health status.

The issue of abortion came up with this storyline.


Arnie got engaged later on to this woman in the show.

Arnie and Nancy’s engagement later fizzles out.


Eventually, Dan and Roseanne indeed bear another child. What is his name?

The new kid was played by twins Cole and Morgan Roberts.


The final season’s theme song was recorded by this band.

The rock band’s sound fit well with the themes of the show.


Who is Dan’s poker buddy?

Arnie was played by Tom Arnold.


The final season revealed this huge twist of the entire show’s run.

The big reveal towards the season finale shows that some of the incidents and characters were rewritten by Roseanne as she deemed fit.


How many seasons did Roseanne have?

The show ran from 1988 to 1997.


Nancy, who becomes Roseanne’s good friend, later comes out as this.

Nancy’s lesbian storylines figured prominently on the latter seasons of the show.


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