Take This World Geography Quiz and We'll Guess Which European City You Live In

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About This Quiz

Europe is a continent, but unlike Australia, it isn't also a country. Europe is defined by the many regional cultures that inhabit the land. These cultures were shaped by history, geography, and the movement of groups of people. Some European cities and cultures are geared toward pluralism and take an open-minded approach to people from other lands, while other places are more secluded and do not know what to think of outsiders. Some European cities are very much a product of industries, sometimes even industries long since gone to seed, and successful or not, the culture of that industry works its way into the local culture. 

With wildly different cultures and perspectives, every European city has a different view as to where the "center of the world" lies. Some of this might be due to seeing similarities between cultures, and thus having a feeling of kinship. Some might just have to do with geography, and how shared geographic similarities make one feel at home far from one's hometown. What's more, many nations around the world have a long relationship with a European nation, and perhaps even a shared language, giving the two a bond that doesn't exist for other lands. Thus, your answers to this quiz on world geography will allow us to guess what European city you live in. After all, the motto of the EU is "United in Diversity."

What recently-founded country do you dream of visiting (assuming it is safe to go)?

Which continent do you think offers the best bang for your buck when traveling?

Would you go to Antarctica even if it meant you couldn't take any other trips for two years?

Which forest is the best one?

How do you feel about megacities like Karachi, Shenzhen, and Tokyo?

Which geological feature is the most photogenic?

The tectonic plates are always moving. Which two countries with facing coastlines would you like to drag so that they are touching?

Which city has the best subway system, in your view?

Which lines on a map are the most informative lines?

Where will you go to see a famous carnival?

If you were looking down a batholith, where would you be?

Which of these is the biggest capital city: London, Lahore, Khartoum or Brasilia?

Why might a person pass out at Kilimanjaro?

Who would you expect to meet in Antarctica?

Which of these oceans is the windiest?

Why is the sea that lovely turquoise color in the Caribbean?

How would you most like to get around Venice?

What effect of rising carbon dioxide levels worries you most?

Which nation of central Asia will you visit for a vacation, and why?

If you were determined to live in house made of gold-colored stone, where would you prefer to live?

Which of these cities noted for high quality of life do you think deserves the best ranking?

Some say the famous chevrons of Madagascar were made by a megatsunami. What (or who) do you think really made them?

Which of these mountains do you think is the most dangerous?

Which of these countries has the longest coastline: Chile, Alaska, Russia, or Australia?

What do you find most special about Lake Hillier, Australia?

What geographical feature would you be keen to see in Scotland?

Where would you go to spend a peso?

Which country will you cross to get to its landlocked neighbor?

Which of these foreign species will you bring to your new home in Europe, as a gift for their society?

Which red, white, and blue national flag will you fly at your new home, even though it is not really appropriate?

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