Quiz: The Ultimate Taking Action Photos Quiz
The Ultimate Taking Action Photos Quiz
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About This Quiz

If you like to take an occasional walk on the wild side, you may want some action photos to help you remember the thrills. Take great action photos by using the proper camera equipment and settings. Take this quiz to learn more about taking action photos.

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What is adventure photography all about?
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Which lens can expand your perspective?
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What lens can give you longer range?
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What shutter speed should you use to freeze action in time?
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What aperture setting is the widest?
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Why would a photographer intentionally blur a photo?
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What type of camera is safe for filming around water or snow?
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When filming in very cold locations, where should you store your batteries and camera when they are not in use?
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How should you adjust the f/stop for snow pictures on an overcast day?
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What is the best stance for snow shots?
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How can you give emphasis to snow sprays in photos?
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How does a monopod differ from a tripod?
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What should you do if you drop your camera in salt water?
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What is a low light situation?
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What does a shutter speed of 1/1000 mean?
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What is a borderline shutter speed for a still photograph?
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What setting determines the sharpness of your photographs?
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