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You'll never get that creepy cackle out of your head. How much do you know about "Tales from the Crypt"?

The "Tales from the Crypt" TV series is based on what other product?

In the 1950s, EC Comics first developed the concept for "Tales from the Crypt." There were 27 total comics created in five years.


When did horror-related comic books really take hold in the marketplace?

The superhero age of comics ended after World War II, ushering in a gorier era with more violence and sex. "Tales from the Crypt" was one of numerous edgy comics that found an audience.


What was one reason that EC Comics discontinued "Tales from the Crypt"?

In the 1950s, Congressional hearings found that some comic books were corrupting young minds. "Tales from the Crypt" was a casualty of the culture wars.


In what year did the TV series debut?

The show made its first freaky appearance in 1989. Many of the show ideas were lifted straight from the comic books or from other comics made by EC Comics.


Who was the host of the comic book series?

The Crypt Keeper was a terrifying creature in the beginning, but then evolved into a more humorous host.


On which channel was the TV show aired?

The show was broadcast on premium cable channel HBO. It almost goes without saying that because it was on HBO, the show's creators pushed content into adults-only territory.


How did Jan Hammer contribute to the making of the TV series?

Hammer, who became famous for creating the "Miami Vice" theme, also contributed his talents to a soundtrack album released for the TV series.


Who was NOT a guest star on the show?

Tom Cruise didn't make it into any episodes, but dozens of other A-list celebrities did. The show was a magnet of sorts for big stars.


Which metal band did NOT appear on 2000's "Tales from the Crypt: Monsters of Metal"?

Zombie wasn't on the album, but other big bands were, like Anthrax, Prong and Judas Priest.


What role did Steven Dodd have in the creation of the TV series?

Steven Dodd was the creator and the mastermind behind many of the quirks of the TV series.


How many story segments are there in the 1972 film "Tales from the Crypt"?

There were five segments in the film, which starred Joan Collins and Ralph Richardson.


What role did John Kassir have in the production of the TV series?

Kassir gained fame for his eerie voicing of the Crypt Keeper. He reprised his role in several of the spinoff productions, too.


How many episodes of the tales were created for a radio show that debuted in 2000?

There were at least 13 in the works, but only eight made it to airtime. The concept simply didn't fare well in a radio format.


For how many seasons did the TV show air on HBO?

The series was so successful that it managed to survive for seven seasons, or 93 total episodes.


Why did HBO always shoot two versions of each episode?

HBO always envisioned the show being broadcast on regular TV networks, but to make it happen, the show's creators had to make a version without nudity and overt violence and profanity.


In what year did the "Tales from a Cryptkeeper" Saturday morning cartoon debut?

The cartoon made its appearance in 1993. It was, of course, devoid of the gore and profanity that were ever-present in the TV show.


Which celebrity actor directed one episode of "Tales from the Crypt"?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was only paid about $15,000 to direct an episode, but said it was about as much fun as he'd ever had in Hollywood.


What was "Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House"?

In 1996 and 1997, there really was a kid's game show called "Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House." To win the game, kids had to successfully navigate numerous physical challenges.


Why was the cartoon version of the show cancelled?

The non-gory, non-scary version of the concept just didn't work for the cartoon series, and it didn't find audience.


True or False: Some TV episodes related ongoing storylines continued from earlier shows.

There was never any continuation -- each episode was a standalone story with a beginning and end.


How does the Crypt Keeper in the TV show differ from the one in the comics?

In the comics, the Crypt Keeper was a living man. In the TV show, he was a corpse brought to life long enough to share his frightening tales.


How many puppeteers did it take to animate the Crypt Keeper?

To make the Keeper's spindly limbs flail about, there were a whopping six puppeteers involved. And yet, he still looked very, very dead.


What role did Danny Elfman have in the making of the show?

Elfman, of Oingo Boingo fame, has made music for many Hollywood productions, including the theme for "Tales from the Crypt."


Why wasn't the Crypt Keeper puppet from the TV series used for the cartoon series?

Saturday morning cartoons are supposed to be fun, not terrifying. Producers nixed the idea of using the puppet when they realized it was just too scary for kids.


Which famous Hollywood director is creating a reboot of the series in 2017?

M. Night Shyamalan, who directed "The Sixth Sense" and "Signs," is slated to reboot the TV series.


How many "Tales from the Crypt" movies were made?

There were three movies, released in 1995, 1996 and 2001, although the last one was initially released only in international markets.


How long were the TV episodes?

"Tales from the Crypt" was short and sweet -- the episodes were generally between 22 and 29 minutes and made to fill half-hour slots on HBO.


The Crypt Keeper puppet used eyes from what other famous creepy character?

Kevin Yagher, the designer responsible for the killer doll named Chucky, used Chucky's eyes when he began assembling the Crypt Keeper.


One 1995 episode was the first TV show ever to do what?

The episode used computer effects to insert Alfred Hitchcock and Humphrey Bogart into various scenes. It was the first time computers had been used to this extent.


Why was the TV show's production moved to England in the final season?

The creators went through so many actors that they needed to tap into a new source of talent. So they moved all the way to London.


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