Tantrums at 30,000 Feet: Can you soothe a screaming child on a plane?

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Taking to the sky with your kids requires plenty of patience, planning and just a little bit of luck. Take our quiz to see just how much you know about keeping your cool while traveling with kids on an airplane.

What airline made headlines in April 2012 when it announced the first ever child-free decks on airplanes?

Childless travelers around the world breathed a sigh of relief when Malaysia Airlines announced the first child-free decks on some of its double-decker flights.


What's the best way to prevent your child from getting an earache as the plane ascends or descends?

Give your child a bottle, pacifier, gum or candy to help prevent ear pain caused by changes in air pressure.


True or false: Federal law requires airlines to seat children and parents together on a plane.

There's no law requiring airlines to seat parents and children together.


What's the safest way for an infant to travel on an airplane according to the Federal Aviation Administration?

The FAA recommends that all infants fly in a hard-backed, government-approved child seat when on an airplane.


True or false: Young children can sit in an exit row as long as they are in the middle or aisle seat.

Young children are not permitted to sit in an exit row.


What's the maximum allowed age for children seated in a parent's lap while flying?

Children 24 months or younger may sit in a parent's lap while flying. After age 2, kids require a ticket and a seat of their own.


True or false: Antihistamines like Benadryl are a no-fail method for helping children sleep on planes.

Benadryl affects each child differently. While it helps some kids sleep, it gives others a big energy boost. Always talk to your doctor before giving medication to children.


True or false: You can only carry a maximum of 3 ounces of formula or breast milk on a plane.

The 3-ounce rule is waived for milk, formula and other liquids that are necessary for young children.


What slightly-roomier section of seats do many airlines designate for families?

Bulkhead seats are generally reserved for families or the disabled. Call the airline before your flight if you wish to reserve these seats.


What is the least busy day of the week for airlines and airports?

Saturday is the least busy day to fly, making it an ideal time for families with young children to take to the skies.


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