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The Tasmanian devil looks and sounds terrifying is and its bite is even worse. However, the Tasmanian devil population is being devastated by a contagious cancer. Take this quiz to learn more about the Tasmanian devil's problem with possible extinction.

Tasmanian devil males are only one foot tall. How can they be so dangerous?

Tasmanian devils have a jaw stronger than a tigers and can chew through bone.


How did Tasmanian devils earn their name?

Early settlers in Tasmania were terrified by the animals night-time screams, and called them devils.


How many forms of vocalization do the Tasmanian devils have?

The Tasmanian devil communicates with other devils by 11 distinct forms of vocalization.


When the Tasmanian devils get mad, what happens?

Their ears turn purple and they screech.


How many devils in a litter?

The female Tasmanian devil can birth 50 babies in a litter.


How does the female devil feed 50 babies?

The female has only four nipples, so only the strongest of the litter will survive.


What may happen to young Tasmanian devils if they don't leave home soon enough?

Their mother may eat them.


How many Tasmanian devils live together in a pack?

Tasmanian devils are solitary creatures. When encountering other devils, it will not be a friendly meeting.


When was Devil Facial Tumor Disease first documented?

In 1996, photographer Christo Baars observed the large, gruesome bumps on the Tasmanian devils' mouth and neck.


What is Devil Facial Tumor Disease?

It is a contagious cancer.


What is unusual about this type of cancer?

The cancer is a virus and is contagious.


How is the cancer spread?

The cancer is spread when an infected Tasmanian devil fights with and bites another devil.


After developing the disease, how long until the animal's eventual death?

The cancer destroys the jaw, and the animal eventually starves to death. From the infected bite to death, it takes three months to one year.


How are Tasmanian devils fighting the devastation of cancer?

Researchers are noticing earlier Tasmanian devil pregnancies in areas that have been hit hard by the spread of cancer.


What is being done to save the devils?

The Tasmanian government is trying to fund research for a cure.


What do Tasman-Forestier Peninsula researchers do when they trap infected Tasmanian devils?

Infected devils are euthanized.


What do Tasman-Forestier Peninsula researchers do when they trap a healthy Tasmanian devil?

They tag the healthy animal.


Why not just let the Tasmanian devils die off?

If the devils were to disappear, it would affect the area's ecology.


What type of animal is the Tasmanian devil?

The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial.


How does a marsupial baby differ from other mammal babies?

Marsupial babies are born early and spend the rest of the development time in their mother's pouch.


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