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When Thomas Edison invented the autographic printer for engraving, he probably didn't imagine it would inspire the tattoo machine Samuel O'Reily created in the late 1800s. Think you know about tattoos? Take our quiz to put your knowledge to the test.

What common piece of equipment does a tattoo machine resemble and sound like?

The machine that injects ink into a person's skin looks and sounds a lot like a dental drill.


A person who gives tattoos is often referred to as what?

Tattoo artists must possess artistic talent and skill.


Which layer of skin is tattoo ink injected into?

The ink is actually added to the cells of the dermis, which are far more stable than the cells of the epidermis.


Which tattoo machine part isn't single use?

Reusable materials, such as the needle bar, should be sterilized before every use.


In addition to parts of the tattoo machine, what else should the tattoo artist sterilize?

The entire work area, the client's skin and anything else that comes into contact with the client or the needle should be disinfected or sterilized.


Existing tattoo designs displayed in the tattoo shop are known as what?

These existing designs are usually referred to as "flash." A client can choose from flash or request an a customized design.


What is the first part of the tattooing process?

Also known as black work, a tattoo artist first creates an outline using a single-tipped needle and thin ink.


What are uneven areas of color in a tattoo called?

The area where color has lifted out during healing or the artist missed a section of skin is called a holiday.


What symptom can occur during and immediately following tattooing?

Some bleeding always occurs during tattooing, but most stops within a few minutes.


What is a possible health risk of tattooing?

Since tattoos involve needles and blood, they carry several health risks -- including infection and transmission of disease. Proper sterilization procedures greatly reduce these risks.


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