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Noah may have had an ark in which to ride out the flood, but the rest of us have major difficulties dealing with one of nature's serious disasters. As if losing household items and precious mementos during a flood weren't bad enough, you may be faced with a big decision if your house has been flood-damaged. Do you rebuild it or tear it down and start over? Take this quiz to review the pros and cons of each choice.

What makes floodwater particularly dangerous?

Floodwater picks up chemicals, waste and mud as it washes down to your home. Thus, it may be very unsafe.


What should you do in order to drink tap water following a flood?

Filtering it will remove any sediment and boiling kills bacteria. You may also need to add some bleach for a similar purpose.


What do experts say you should do with mattresses from a flooded house?

It is almost impossible to remove all of the contaminants in a mattress that has been soaked in a flood. Disposing of them may be your only safe bet.


If your local laws do not actually require you to do so, why might you still consider tearing down your house after it has been damaged in a flood?

In addition to all of the costs of properly cleansing things in your home, fixing your flood-damaged home will also incur other expenses such as flood proofing and structural repairs.


What should you ensure before pumping water out of your house's flooded basement?

If there remains significant groundwater around the basement, the pressure that will result when the water is removed from inside could lead to cracked walls or floors.


What type of damage can result from floodwaters washing up against the sides of your house?

Floodwaters can wash in silt that can seep in and weaken your house's foundation.


Under what circumstances will local regulations likely require you to tear down your flooded home?

Even if the law doesn't force you to tear your house down, it may require you to raise it off the ground and fill the basement.


What is Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC)?

Due to this feature, your insurance might cover the costs of demolition, repairs or retrofitting for flood proofing.


What should you do first if demolition is your most logical choice?

Just as with building a home in the first place, demolition also requires permits from the local municipality.


What precaution is necessary to ensure a safe demolition?

The utility companies should shut the feed lines and the demolition contractor should then cap the lines.


What is the cheapest method that might be available for disposing of the debris from your demolition?

While this option may be ideal in some circumstances, it is often not available. Many municipalities will have laws against such burials to prevent soil contamination.


What is the meaning of the term "100-year floodplain"?

If there is a one percent chance of flooding each year, than the area will flood once per century, on average.


Why might you not choose to rebuild on the plot where your demolished house stood?

If your house is in a flood-prone area, you may incur the same flood proofing costs that you would have if you simply repaired your home.


While moving out of a floodplain has many benefits, what is a major complicating factor in the decision?

Most people are not eager to buy land and move into a floodplain. Thus, you may find it difficult to sell the property where your house stood.


If you decide to simply abandon the land where your house stood, what might you be required by law to do?

Restoring the property includes removing pavement and the relandscaping may be required if you had to destroy some during demolition.


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