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Now why should an inventor need a technology library? It could be a source of information and even inspiration. Take this quiz to be informed and inspired about technology libraries.

What do most people do with ideas for new inventions?

Usually they don't do much about those ideas.


For whom can a technology library be especially necessary?

People who depend on innovation need sources of information about new technologies.


How can a technology library catalyze the innovation process?

This can be done by highlighting the latest technologies and by offering ideas how to integrate them into new products.


What was the recent development by researchers based on a living creature?

An adhesive material based on the sticky properties of gecko feet was developed.


What type of technology enabled them to create an adhesive patch?

Nanotechnology enabled them to create the adhesive patch.


How do the nanotubes work?

Like the microscopic hairs on a gecko's feet, the nanotubes form weak molecular bonds on almost any surface.


Is this development being used today and if so how?

It's still in the prototype stage.


How can this information best be distributed to a wide audience.

This is where a technology library, whether physical or virtual, will take care of publicizing this information.


Do you know any company that has created a technology library?

Inventables , based in Chicago, created an Innovation Center in 2002. This center is in fact a technology library.


What kinds of samples has the Innovation Center collected?

Some of their offerings are hydrophobic sand that repels water, silver ion antimicrobial agents, waterproof zippers and porous metals.


What other services do Inventables offer?

They set up displays in high-traffic areas, organize brainstorming sessions and open houses.


What kind of companies make use of Inventables?

Several Fortune 500 companies use research done by Inventables.


What do Microsoft, Mattel and Mercedes-Benz have in common, other than the letter M?

They are some of the Fortune 500 companies using Innovation Centers.


Does instant snow exist outside a movie studio set?

It's one of the samples offered by Inventables.


Why set up a display in a high-traffic area?

People can browse in their spare time when passing through.


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