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For many young people, as they grow from child to teen they want their bedroom to reflect a grown-up image. Plan ahead and make updating your child's room a fun activity. Together you can work out the colors and style choices. Take this quiz to see how well you score on teen bedroom decorating ideas.

What is the least costly way to change a room's décor?

Paint is an inexpensive and fast way to change a room's look.


How do you choose a paint color?

Pick out a paint chip sample, and purchase paint that is several shades lighter than the sample. Paint usually looks darker than the sample when it is covering all the walls.


What type of furniture is best for a teen bedroom?

You do not need to break open the college fund to decorate your teen's room. Any type of furniture will work; a brand-new matching set or mix-matched furniture finds will be fine.


On what items should you spend the most money?

Invest all that your budget will allow on items such as furniture and window treatments. Look for bargains on the trendy items that your teen may tire of in a couple of years.


How much storage space do teens need?

Teens need a lot of storage space, so create as much as you can.


Eventually your teen may leave home, what size bed may be the best choice if you want to later use the room as a guest room?

A good choice for a guest room may be a full- or queen-size bed.


In the future, if you want to use this room as an office, what is a good bed choice?

A daybed may be used as seating or as a bed.


Decorating with contrasting colors such as orange and lime green can create what mood?

Using orange and lime green can make the room pop with excitement.


What type of wood finish may be best for your teen's desk?

A hard working polyurethane-lacquered desktop will stand up to your teen's wear and tear.


How can you make a small room appear larger?

Light-colored modern furniture can make a room appear larger.


What is a versatile color for a teen's room?

Blue is a versatile and well-liked color choice.


How does a blue colored room make you feel?

Blue is considered to be a soothing color.


What color choice will bring the calm tones of nature into your teen's bedroom décor?

Comforting colors such as forest green and taupe may create the calm tones of nature.


What is the color of young lettuce?

Yellow-green is the color of young lettuce and pairs well with almost any color.


What furniture may create a rustic look in your teen's bedroom?

Peeled log furniture is a good choice for a rustic style bedroom.


Where can you shop for teen furniture?

Traditional furniture stores are not the only place to shop. Be resourceful and try used-furniture stores, office supply stores or outdoor furniture suppliers.


How can you balance a fuchsia color scheme?

Dazzling colors may be balanced by adding white or paler tints of the same dazzling color.


Is a sports theme décor appropriate for a teen's bedroom?

Let your teen display their passion with the décor. Using your teen's favorite team colors may be a great way to inspire some team spirit.


How can you inspire your teen to keep the room neat and tidy?

Lots of storage will at least give your teen a place to keep their clutter.


What can you do if you and your teen cannot agree on décor?

A good way to compromise is with fabrics and color. You choose the traditional furniture and let your teen add some fabrics and wacky colors to the room.


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