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The teenage years are full of change. Teenagers experience rapid growth and concurrent muscle or joint pain, frequently referred to as “growing pains.” Find out why your teenager's health is essential during this growth period. Take this quiz and learn the actual cause of “growing pains” and how best to treat it.

Pains in a teenager's joints is likely the result of:

Teenagers require a significant amount of nutrition to support their rapid growth and body changes. Joint pain, such as in the hands and knees, may be a sign of nutritional deficiency.


What added nutrients do teenagers require during rapid growth?

Teenagers require a lot of nutrients during rapid growth periods, including magnesium, calcium, minerals and vitamins. These nutrients help with skeletal growth experienced during puberty.


Joint pain due to nutritional deficiency is the result of:

Nutritional deficiency results in weak bones and a lack of essential fatty acids, which results in a decreased ability to control inflammation in the joints.


What are good sources of essential fatty acids?

Teenagers who meet the daily requirement of essential fatty acids will likely experience less joint pain and acne. Good sources of essential fatty acids include: nuts, avocados, fish, pumpkin, coconut milk, coconut oil and flax.


What test assesses your teenager's vitamin D level?

A blood test, called the 25-OH vitamin D test, can asses your teenager's vitamin D level. Ideal vitamin D levels should be between 50 and 70.


What supplements help with growing pains related to nutrient deficiencies?

Consider providing your teenager with supplements if dietary changes alone due not relieve growing pains. Nutrient supplements should include: vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, essential fatty acids and even vitamin E and selenium.


Besides nutrients, what other factors can affect growing pains?

Many teenagers do not get adequate sleep, which can contribute to joint pain. Regular, deep sleep is needed to allow a teenager's bones and muscles to grow properly.


Teenagers who are vegetarians typically require:

Make sure that your vegetarian teenager is getting all the proper nutrients by providing them with a daily multivitamin that includes vitamin B12 and iron.


Why is it important for teenagers to drink water?

Discourage your teenager from drinking too much soda or coffee. Every teenager should drink plenty of water each day to keep connective tissues hydrated and muscles loose.


Soft drinks can deplete:

Too much consumption of soft drinks and coffee in adolescence is especially concerning, because it depletes calcium and magnesium levels.


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