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Your teenager has just looked you in the eye and asked whether he or she could go to some seedy sounding town south of the border for spring break. Is it worth being labeled "overprotective spoilsport" and saying no?

When did spring break become a national trend?

Spring break became a national tradition with the relative affluence of the 1960s and was immortalized by Hollywood movies such as "Where the Boys Are."


In 1900, what was the infant mortality rate?

In the 1900s, the infant mortality rate was one in five. If you survived childhood, you were considered tough enough to be a full fledged adult in your teenage years.


When did spring break actually become an industry?

Spring break became an industry in the mid 80s, with teenagers spending some $110 million having a good time in resort towns.


How many teens does the U.S. State Department estimate go to Mexico every April?

Recently, when popular resort towns started cracking down on behavior, the location of spring break celebrations shifted to progressively seedier towns and then to Mexico. The U.S. State Department estimates that some 100,000 teens go to Mexico for spring break.


What did a study conducted by the American Medical Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reveal about spring break activities?

The 2006 study revealed that college-aged women are likely to consume large amounts of alcohol and engage in high-risk sexual behavior on spring break, and that 83 percent said becoming inebriated was part of the experience.


What did Panama City police arrest 1,000 teens for?

During a 17-day stretch one March, police arrested 1,000 teens for underage drinking.


How many women said they had sexual experiences on spring break which they later regretted?

One in five college aged women said that, while on spring break, they had sexual experiences they later regretted .


What happened to Matt James during spring break of 2010?

Matt James, a 17-year-old Notre Dame football scholarship winner, fell to his death from a Panama City hotel balcony while inebriated.


What did author Mitch Albom say about spring break?

Best selling inspirational author Mitch Albom said of spring break celebrations that they are "no place to send your high school kid. I don't care how much they beg. I don't care how much they work in school. And I really don't care how much they promise not to drink."


What has one school organized as an alternative to the coming of age drinking ritual of spring break?

A school in Atlanta organized humanitarian missions to Haiti and Appalachia.


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