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Orthodontists can maneuver your teeth into compliance, and using a retainer is usually an important and, often, final step in that process. In this quiz, you'll test your knowledge of how to care for a retainer. Remember: The better you care for your retainer, the smoother your path to a better smile will be.

True or false: If you get braces, you won't need a retainer.

Most people, after having braces removed, will need to use a retainer for a period of time.


Why do we need retainers, if braces make corrections in our smiles?

Teeth begin to shift back to their original positions once braces are removed, and retainers prevent this.


Clear retainers are made of what?

When it's warmed up, you can bite down on thermoplastic material, which will leave a permanent impression of your teeth once it cools.


Retainers come in which of the following size options?

Retainers are individually fitted based on molds taken of a patient's mouth.


During meals, you should:

Keep your retainer in its protective casing during meals! If you wrap it up in a napkin, you can kiss it goodbye — you'll spend the rest of your night digging through restaurant trash cans.


Which of the following should you use to disinfect your retainer?

Disinfect your retainer by soaking it in hot -- never boiling -- water, preferably along with a denture cleansing tablet.


How often should you disinfect your retainer?

Disinfect your retainer with a cleansing soak every day if possible, or once a week at the very least.


At first, your new retainer will:

Your new retainer will take some getting used to. Before too long, your mouth will adjust, and the saliva production will return to normal levels.


When should you wear your retainer?

Every patient will have individual needs when it comes to retainer use -- you may start off wearing it all the time, and then taper off to night-time use only.


Not wearing your retainer right away after your braces come off:

Wear your retainer as soon as directed by your orthodontist, or your teeth and gums could revert back to their old positioning.


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