Tell Us About the People You’ve Been With and We’ll Guess Your College Major

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You can't very easily navigate your life all alone because that's kind of boring. Sure, you could. Some people do, but it's not really what how we're made. Think about it. We can't even exist as a species without at least one other person's help to procreate. We're meant to form bonds. It's the way of nature. Sometimes we put a lot of effort into forming those pairs and sometimes we decide on them at the spur of the moment because it's last call and we're heading home anyway.

From the moment we begin life, we have someone else there to help us out and influence us. No matter who you are and what twists and turns happen in your life, you'll be influenced by others, learn from them and have great experiences or terrible ones all based on how you react to each other and interact with one another. Sounds kind of clinical, right?  The point is, people shape us just as we shape them. And that influence can be seen in all kinds of ways, such as your opinion on politics, your taste in food and movies, even the major you choose to pursue in college. The people choose to be with in the most intimate of ways can tell us even more. So why not share some info with us, and we'll tell you what major you took in college. We can do that! Take the quiz!

It's hard to say what might attract you to any given person, but which one of these qualities is most appealing to you?

No one wants to be a cliche but sometimes it happens. Where are you most likely to meet someone you're into?

If you're planning a first date with someone, what's your go-to?

Are you more into people who are thinkers or doers?

What's the quickest way someone can turn you off on a first date?

Do you have a reliable yet somewhat cheesy move to let someone know you're interested?

Does a person's job have any effect on how attracted to them you might be?

What was it that caused you to be attracted to the last person you were with?

When it comes to just the physical side of attraction, what's drawing you to another person?

If you think about the people you've been with, is there anything all of them have in common?

Say you spend a night with someone new for the very first time. What can they do to make sure there's going to be a second night?

Are you a fan of casual hookups or are you looking for a serious relationship when you start seeing someone?

How many one night stands have you had?

Do you have any friends who also may have some benefits?

How many of the people you've been with were you also in love with?

Have you ever slept with someone you were embarrassed to be with?

Do you regret any of the hookups you've had in the past?

How many people would you say you've been with in your life?

Would you ever go back to an ex just to have a casual, one-night thing?

Have any of the people you've been with turned out not to be the kind of person you thought they were?

Have you ever hooked up with a friend?

Even if it wasn't the best idea you ever had, have you ever hooked up with one of your friends' exes?

If you like your friend, then it almost makes sense you'd like their siblings. Have you ever hooked up with a friend's brother or sister?

Do you like a partner who takes the initiative when it comes to sexy times?

Have you ever had some fun times out in public?

How important is it to you that the person you're with is actually good at what they do, if you catch our meaning?

Have any of your partners ever dumped you for a sexual reason?

Have you ever slept with someone you were attracted to physically but who was really unappealing to you mentally?

Have any of the people you've been with tried to get back with you after you went your separate ways?

Overall, would you say the people you've been with were happy to have been with you?

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