Tell Us About Your Family and We'll Select the Perfect Dog Breed for You

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According to statistics, there are nearly 90 million dogs in the United States right now. So many belly rubs! With so many pups roaming around, it's no surprise that figuring out which dog is the right dog for you may not be the easiest job you've ever had. Imagine if you went to a restaurant and the meu had 90 million items? Sure, you'd probably still order the tacos, but you never know. 

It's the same thing with choosing a dog sometimes. You need a way to narrow the field. You need to cut through all the noise and figure out which breeds are likely to be best for your family. But how do you do that? Just like people, dogs have a wide range of skills and personalities. 

One dog may be happy to sit on the floor all day, another may need four walks a day to stay sane. It's up to us as responsible pet owners to make sure we can handle the requirements of the pet we choose to bring into our lives since the dogs don't have much of a choice. So why not tell us a bit about your family and we can use that info to match you with the perfect pup for you. Take the quiz and see!

What sitcom family do you think is most like your family?

Does your family have a game night?

Family meals are always important, right? Who does most of the cooking in your family?

When the holiday season rolls around, would you and your family ever send a goofy family-photo card to friends?

Does your family have a rivalry with any other families?

Who in the family is going to be spending the most time with the dog?

Some dogs are willing to eat just about everything. Do you think your family can stick to a proper puppy diet?

How do you decide where you're going to go on a family vacation?

How likely is it that everyone in the family will be home on a Friday night?

Even the laziest dog needs some kind of physical activity. What do you plan on doing with your pup?

Which holiday does your family put way too much effort into celebrating every year?

Have you and your family ever signed up for any kind of competition as a group?

Has anyone in your house ever uttered the words "family meeting" and meant it?

Is there a sign outside of your house that has your last name on it?

Have you put any thought into where the dog is going to sleep every night?

What's the one meal that you could eat any time or anywhere and it instantly reminds you of home?

Every family has a black sheep, that one person who makes gatherings awkward. Do you know who yours is?

Does your family have much experience with other kinds of pets besides dogs?

Growing up, at what age did your parents stop setting a specific bedtime for you?

If things get a little heated, how does your family manage to settle disagreements?

Your dog needs a name but how will you decide who gets to name it?

Regardless of who gets to actually name the dog, which of these names do you think your family would like best?

Do you think everyone in your family is willing and able to grab a bag and pick up some dog poop in the yard?

What do you think is going to happen if the dog turns out to be a barker and keeps you up at night?

Everyone loves a party! How often does your family have people over?

Based on what you know about dogs right now, what do you think a dog's worst habit is?

If you had the ability to go anywhere in the world as a family on vacation, where would you likely go?

Is there a calendar or schedule posted somewhere in your house so everyone knows what's coming up?

What's your family policy on locked doors in the house?

Does everyone in the house know what their chores are every week?

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