Tell Us About Your Ideal Summer Vacation and We'll Guess What State You Live In

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Every family has their own traditions as it relates to summer vacations. We all know the hotter months of the year, when kids are out of school and work schedules in some industries lighten, are best for taking trips. But beyond that, there are many variables.

Some families are the classic road trip types, the groups who pile together in the family vehicle, load up a playlist with contributions by each member and then set off toward their destination. Proponents of the road trip format like to tout the extra bonding and togetherness a family gains from spending hours together in a small box traveling across the country, although it is a slow way to travel.

Other families like to jet set, hopping on a plane to an exotic locale, perhaps an island in the Caribbean or a small island in the East Indies. The best part about these trips is experiencing something totally different on a summer vacation, but then again, it's also an expensive way to plan some family bonding.

Regardless of your preferences in vacation, the way you travel says a lot about you and where you are from. If you answer the following questions that tell us about your dream getaway, we'll guess where you live and how it influenced your decisions. Start packing and let's hit the road!

In the real world vacations have budgets, but if you could travel anywhere in the world without worrying about cost, where would it be?

What's your preferred method of getting to your vacation destination?

Many of us grew up traveling places with family. Who are your ideal summer vacation travel buddies?

Which month is the best one in which to take your summer vacation?

How often along the way do you want to stop before getting to your vacation destination?

What's the best meal to take along with you while you are traveling to your summer vacation?

Everyone loves keepsakes from their trips. What's your summer vacation souvenir of choice?

In the era of smartphones, we are all taking tons of pictures on our trips. What's your favorite summer vacation photo?

A lot of us get to our summer vacations in our trusty cars. What kind of route is most enjoyable to drive?

It's a controversial topic: How do you feel about learning things while on vacation?

Are you the type who has to plan every hour of every day of the trip?

Some vacations are based on a specific activity. What's your vacation activity of choice?

What is your go-to outfit while you're in vacay mode?

It's cliche, but we all do it – how do you let people know you are traveling on social media?

How often do you think you should take vacations?

Are there any specific types of vacations that you look to avoid?

Watching vacations can be almost as fun as going. What's your favorite vacation movie?

Are you into meeting new friends while you are on vacation?

Exotic creatures are a fun part of traveling. What kind of animals do you most want to see while on vacation?

We all love vacations, but everyone enjoys going back home. How long is the ideal vacation?

What kind of music is on your vacation playlist?

We wish we didn't even have to talk about it ... but what's one thing that could ruin your vacation?

What's your typical response when people ask how your trip was after you return from summer vacation?

How important is it for you to get a tan on vacation?

What's the best type of accommodation for a summer vacation?

We all know how important our kicks are – what's your vacation footwear of choice?

Many people do it on vacation, but how do you feel about camping?

Do you make time to stop by historical sites on your vacation?

Are you the type who will explore new areas on vacation?

How do you feel about amusement parks while on vacation?

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