Tell Us About Your Job and We'll Guess What Decade You Were Born In

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The idea of work and home lives being two separate things that require two distinct skill sets and personas is a product of the Industrial Revolution. Before that, the vast majority of people lived on the land and everyone had to contribute whatever they could to stay afloat while hoping their feudal lord did not show up and take all their property and praying for a good harvest. Life actually got a lot worse for a lot of people from about 1750 onward, as everyone rushed to the cities and ended up trapped in what today we would call a sweatshop environment, where very long hours in loud, hot, dangerous conditions were considered the norm and pay was typically absolutely terrible.

Fast forward a couple of centuries and a combination of rising wealth, civil and workers' rights movements and changes in technology have transformed the workplace repeatedly, with no two decades the same anymore. While this has some enormous downsides, like entire industries being automated out of existence and the death of job security and pensions, it also has some upsides. Worker deaths are at historic lows and discrimination and workplace abuse are finally being exposed and rooted out. Of course, how you experienced these changes is hugely influenced by when you were born, so tell us about your job and we'll guess just when that was!

Have you ever stayed in a job for more than 10 years?

Can you support a family of four on just your income?

Does your boss listen to your ideas?

Are you allowed to personalize your workspace?

Is your work very meaningful to you?

How essential was a degree to your job?

Do you ever work from home?

What's the male-to-female ratio in your workplace?

Do you wear a uniform?

Have you ever made minimum wage?

If you have a complaint at work, what do you do?

Would you be rewarded for taking initiative?

Are there many opportunities to be creative in your job?

Do you listen to music at work?

What sort of hours do you put in?

Are you expected to be available outside of working hours?

At what age will you retire?

Do you think the benefits at work are good?

Do you worry that your job might be automated?

Do you know anyone who has been injured in the workplace?

Do you make enough to buy a three-bedroom home?

How do you get to work?

How long is your commute?

Do you have casual Fridays?

Has anyone at your workplace ever gotten pregnant, taken leave, come back and not had their career severely impaired?

Does your employer have any corporate responsibility or charitable involvement?

Do you feel like you have to be "one of the boys" to get ahead in your office?

Do you get to use the knowledge you acquired from your degree?

How do you get promoted in your field without changing companies?

How often do you have to reskill or upskill to stay current in your field?

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