Tell Us About Your Makeup Preferences and We'll Guess Your Eye Color

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About This Quiz

You don't have to be Jeffree Star or a licensed cosmetologist to know a thing or two about makeup. Everything you need to know is plastered all over Instagram and Pinterest, as well as every beauty blogger's homepage. You can find your choice of eyeshadow tutorials, videos of beauty gurus teaching you to contour flawlessly and lessons on how to fill in your eyebrows. Basically, your wish is YouTube's command.

In recent years, teaching people how to use makeup has turned into a career of sorts, and we're not talking about the kind that follows going to beauty school and working at a salon. Beauty blogging has become one of the most highly sought after career paths that only a select few are lucky enough to be able to put on their resume. From Jaclyn Hill to James Charles, these bloggers turn to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and virtually every other social platform to educate the public on the best of the best beauty products, as well as their personal preferences.

We know what the pros love about makeup, but what about you? Take this quiz to tell us all about your makeup preferences, and we will do our best to guess your eye color! 

When you're in a hurry, what's your quick makeup routine line?

About how long does it take you to do a full face of makeup?

If you were going out clubbing, what shades of eyeshadow would you wear?

You're scrolling through Youtube... which tutorial would you be most likely to click on?

Whose makeup look do you admire most?

What kind of foundation do you use?

How do you set your foundation?

Which product do you recommend to people when they ask you?

Which Naked palette do you still use all the time?

Which makeup trend are you dying to try?

How comfortable are you not wearing makeup in public?

Who taught you how to do makeup?

Can you describe your ideal wedding makeup?

How likely are your friends to come to you for makeup advice?

You're at Sephora, shopping around... Which product would you drop the most money on?

Which store do you spend way too much money at, just on makeup?

How do you prefer to take off your makeup?

Which decade does your makeup reflect?

If you were walking the red carpet, which lipstick shade would you rock?

Which facial feature do you like contouring the most?

Everyone has a makeup hack up their sleeve. Which one do you use most often?

We're dying to know your thoughts on blue eyeshadow. It's a thing now!

The Kylie lip plump challenge... have you tried it?

What goes on your cheeks?

How many shades of eyeshadow do you normally wear at once?

Where does your eyeliner go?

What goes on your lips on the average day?

Bold eyeshadow is a thing now. Which color would you rock?

What do you do with your makeup when you're breaking out?

Nobody likes a mismatched face and neck. How do you blend your makeup?

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