Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Guess What Kind of Attractive You Are

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About This Quiz

You might think you know the type of attractive you are, but have you ever looked at yourself through the eyes of another person? Once we see the kind of personality you have, we will make it our goal to let you know what they see and why they are so drawn to you. Are you attractive because you're hot, or are you attractive for another reason entirely? 

As we look inward for reflection during this quiz, we want to put your personality on display. Anyone can be physically attractive, but it takes a special type of attractive to radiate from the inside out. Sharing the smaller facets of your personality that make you the sum of who you are will help us let you know why others find you attractive. 

You might think it's your intelligence that makes you most attractive, but could it really be your charisma? With so many traits to sort out, we had better get started! When you see our questions, try to choose the answers that sum you up the best. Once we feel like we know you well enough to write your next dating profile, we'll let you what special kind of attractive you are to the world around you! 

Do you like cats or dogs more?

Which of your facial features do you like most?

How much of an extrovert are you?

Do you take a lot of beauty naps?

Which of your traits is stronger?

How would your boss describe you?

Are you high maintenance?

What kind of first impression do you make?

Do you curse a lot?

Where would you rather have a shopping spree?

Are you good with money?

What kind of gift giver are you?

Where would you rather vacation?

What are you like in relationships?

What's your best friend's best trait?

How long does it take you to get ready?

Which cosmetic item do you use most?

How would you describe your laugh?

Which kind of bag suits your lifestyle?

What kind of shoes do you wear to work?

What is your leadership style like?

Which season do you appreciate the most?

Do you ever procrastinate?

Are you more creative or handy?

Do you sleep with a nightlight?

How would you tell a crush that you like them?

What makes you happiest?

What are you like in the mornings?

Are you competitive?

Do you trust your horoscope?

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