Tell Us How You’d React to These Proposals and We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status

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What is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life can be ruined with the wrong type of proposal. The thing about proposals is, there must be so much pressure on the person doing the proposing! How can they know for sure that the person will say yes? Should they still propose even if they aren't 100% sure? Those are just the beginning questions. Once they decide to pop the question, then they have to figure out how they're going to do it. With plenty of movies, TV shows and books to use as references, it's important to choose something that is special to you and your significant other and your relationship.

There's also a lot of pressure on the person being proposed to. What if they don't like how their partner proposed, but they want to say "yes"? Do they tell them? That would be soul-crushing. Or maybe you're not even in a place where you're thinking about getting engaged. How you react to certain proposal styles can tell a lot about where you're at in your relationship, and if you're in a relationship at all. 

Want us to guess your relationship status? Tell us how you'd react to these proposals and we will!

How would you react if someone proposed to you in front of their family, but not yours?

Does an engagement on a private beach with a hidden photographer sound nice?

Sometimes people get engaged in their homes. Does that sound nice to you?

What if your significant other included your pet in the proposal?

What about a photo-booth proposal?

Are you the kind of person who would enjoy a scavenger hunt that ended with your partner down on one knee?

If the proposal happened at a family dinner in a restaurant, would you be pleased?

You're on a tropical vacation, and your partner starts giving a speech about how much they love you. You know a proposal is coming. Are you happy?

Some people are really into scrapbooking. How would you feel if your partner made a scrapbook of all of your relationship memories, and at the end there was a page for a photo from your engagement, then you look over and they have a ring?

This one might ruffle some feathers. What if the ring was hidden in a heart cutout in a romance novel?

Is a love poem written by your love how you envisioned getting engaged?

What about a love song preceding the proposal? Is that something you would like?

Some people bond over their love of exercise and adventure. If your partner proposed at the gym, would you say yes?

Imagine you're hiking, and at the top of a hill overlooking nature at its finest, your significant other proposed. How would you feel?

Let's get a little cliché here. What if the proposal happened in a hot air balloon?

Circling back to the trip down memory lane, what if your partner made a home video of all of the photos you've taken together, and at the end was written on the screen "Will you marry me?"

Puzzles are a great rainy-day activity, but what if your proposal got turned into a puzzle that you had to put together?

Calling all wordsmiths! If the proposal were worked into a crossword puzzle, is that something you would like?

Would you be into an amusement park proposal?

This one takes a bit of planning, but if your partner pulled you up on stage at a concert and proposed, what would you say?

How would you react if your love got an airplane to spell out the proposal in the sky?

You're at your all-time favorite place in the world and your significant other decides to propose right in the middle of it. What do you do?

What if the proposal was written in a full-page ad in the newspaper?

It's a casual day at the beach when your partner unexpectedly proposes. Is that something you would like?

Your significant other basically has four dozen roses worth of petals set out in a trail to the proposal spot. Are you swooning?

If you woke up in the morning and found that written on the fridge in magnet letters was "Will you marry me?," how quickly would you say yes?

How would you feel if you woke up with an engagement ring on your finger and your partner waiting with champagne and breakfast in bed, plus the ultimate question?

Your significant other has cooked a three-course meal, poured you your favorite wine and is acting super nervous. When they finally pop the question, what do you do?

What if your partner just changed their relationship status to "engaged," and that was their way of proposing?

This is maybe the most common one so far. How would you feel if the ring was hidden in your dessert at a restaurant?

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