Tell Us How You'd Respond to These Political Conundrums and We'll Tell You How Diplomatic You Are

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Do you have the diplomacy required to be a politician? Let's say your opponent insulted your mom during a debate, how would you respond? Would you be able to keep your cool while expressing your stand on issues that affect every voter in the nation? This quiz is going to put your diplomacy skills to the test. By the time you're done, you will know exactly how diplomatic you are!

Would you run a smear campaign, or is taking the high road more your style? Respond to these political conundrums, and we'll tell you if you are cut out to run for office. It can be difficult to remain calm while your opponent says terrible things about you, but you are one sharp cookie and we believe in you! Whether you dance around it or you blurt out your true feelings, your future voters can count on you to tell the truth. But can they count on you to be diplomatic? 

It has been said that being diplomatic means being so charming and sly that you actually talk your opponent into your way of thinking. Let's see if you can do it! Answer the questions like you would respond on a real campaign trail! 

How would you respond to your opponent calling you a loser?

If a political opponent gave false figures, would you point it out?

Your political rival says you are lax on gun control. How do you respond?

How would you react to your opponent wanting to raise the speed limit?

If your opponent accused you of wanting to lower the drinking age, what would you say?

If your country were under threat of attack, would you inform the nation?

If you ran for president, who would you choose as your running mate?

Which current political issue is most important to you?

Your opponent says there's no such thing as global warming? How do you respond?

If your opponent accused you of misappropriating funds, would you get angry?

If your opponent said bad things about your spouse, what would you do?

If your opponent says you plan to raise taxes, what would you say?

A fellow diplomat throws up at a fancy dinner party. What do you do?

If your opponent refuses to shake your hand during a debate, what do you do?

Which political office are you best suited to hold?

If your opponent accused you of being against equal pay, what would you say?

Your opponent promises free food to all workers on Friday afternoon. How do you respond?

How would you describe your debating style?

If your opponent keeps drinking water during a debate, what would you think?

If your opponent wanted to impose a tax on air, what would you say?

If your opponent wanted to change the national bird to a parrot, what would you say?

How would you end a debate with your most vicious opponent?

If your opponent suggested 4 day work weeks for everyone, how would you respond?

What would you tell your voters is your strongest trait?

If your opponent switched political parties to get elected, would you inform your voters in a political ad?

If your opponent challenged you to a second debate, would you do it?

If your opponent accused you of being a spy, how would you respond?

If your opponent was rude during a debate, would you act rudely back?

Would you curse during a debate?

How would you congratulate your opponent on a win?

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