Tell Us If You’ve Eaten These Foods and We’ll Guess Your Age

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About This Quiz

Did you turn your nose up at Brussel sprouts as a kid, but now you love them? Did the sight of carrots make you queasy until you were in your mid-30s? It's strange how our food tastes change as we get older! Once you tell us about the foods you've tried, we think we'll be able to relate your palate to how many candles were sitting on top of your last birthday cake. 

Although there's no formal name to the changes your tastes in food experience over your lifetime, scientists believe that it has a cause. As we age, our senses begin to dull which could blunt our smell and taste of the foods we try. We're not saying that's the reason we'll be able to accurately guess your age, but we are saying it might help! Do you think we'll get it right? 

If anything is for certain, this quiz is going to make you hungry! You might want to grab a snack as you tell us what you have tried, what you would like to try, and what you would never want to be served. After we've made you reach for the takeout menu to try something new, we'll guess how old you are. Can we do it?

Can you put sushi on the list of things you've tried?

Do you like espresso?

Have you ever tried key lime pie?

Are you a fan of passionfruit?

Would you put haggis in your mouth?

Have you tried pineapple on pizza?

Can you mark grapefruit off your list?

Do you enjoy bubble tea?

Did you make root beer floats as a kid?

Have you tried caviar?

Are raw oysters your thing?

Did you like gnocchi when you tried it?

Would you say you like bacon jam?

What do you think of artichoke hearts?

Would cauliflower steaks go on the list of foods you've tried?

Are you a fan of fish tacos?

Have you tried kimchi in the past?

Do you enjoy eating poutine?

How do you feel about hummus?

Would you give spaghetti squash a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

Can you say that you've tried prunes?

What's your take on tofurkey?

Do you think macadamia nuts are the best?

Can you rate frog legs?

Do you like eating pickled beets?

Have you marked shrimp cocktail off your list?

Would you pile your plate full of sweet potato fries?

Would you bite into eggplant parmesan?

Did you enjoy cole slaw the first time you tried it?

What's your opinion on Philly cheesesteaks?

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