Tell Us If You've Eaten These Snacks and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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Do you ever check out one of those lists online that brings up stuff from your childhood and run across a snack you haven't had in years and think "oh man, I used to love those?" Then you wonder what the heck happened to your favorite snack from when you were 12 that you haven't seen in years.  

Snack food doesn't always have the longest life, sadly. Some snacks only last a couple of years and then it's gone and forgotten until one day you come across a quiz like that that brings it up again. Snack nostalgia is great!

Thanks to the half-life of your average snack, we've developed a pretty solid method for guessing a person's age based entirely on their snack food history. From Fruit-by-the-Foot to Fiddle Faddle to Funyuns and a whole bunch of others that don't even start with the letter "F," we can put together a pretty accurate profile of who you are and where you've been in life. Or at least when and where you stopped to munch on something.  

So let us know which of these delectable snacks of yesteryear, or maybe even just yesterday, you've tried and we'll tell you exactly how old you are. Take the quiz and see!

Did you ever cool yourself down on a hot day with a fire-red can of delicious Tab cola?

Are Planter's Cheese Balls as delicious as that name implies?

Have you ever had to urge to go out and buy a bag of Popchips?

Did 3D Doritos ever satisfy your hunger better than regular Doritos?

Do you remember where you were when you discovered why Fruit Gushers were called Fruit Gushers?

Did you ever indulge in a bag of Lays WOW! chips?

What did you think when Pepsi introduced Pepsi Blue?

Did your school lunch ever include Handi-Snacks?

Yogurt is a healthy snack, right? What about Trix yogurt, ever try that?

Would it have been a good morning or a bad morning with dinosaur eggs in your oatmeal?

Mr. T pitied the fool who didn't eat Mr. T cereal. You ate it, right?

If you wanted a frosty cool treat, would you have ever reached for a Flintstones Push Up?

Have you ever thrown caution to the wind and eaten a Reese's Peanut Butter and Banana Creme Cup with Elvis on the package?

What could be healthier for breakfast than Oreos? Did you ever eat Oreo-Os cereal?

Did a can of Surge soda ever quench your thirst?

Bart Simpson tried to sell us Butterfinger BB's back in the day. Did you ever try them out?

Giggles cookies were delicious yet very offputting. Did you ever endure their scary faces?

A Whistle Pop was a hard candy sucker that was also a whistle. Did you ever annoy your family with one of these?

Squeeze Its were the most fun you could have wrung the life out of your lunch drink. Did you ever enjoy them?

Have you ever endured the stomach pains of too many Flamin' Hot Cheetos?

Do you remember Heinz purple ketchup? Or the green stuff, for that matter?

Do you like a candy bar? How about Hershey's Bar None, ever try that one?

Of all the drinks in all the land, none was as amazing as Crystal Pepsi. Did you have a chance to try it?

Science can't explain why a tiny bottle is so appealing, but it worked for the New York Seltzer. Did you ever try this tiny, clear drink?

Do you ever wander around the cereal aisle feeling wistful for French Toast Crunch cereal?

What are your thoughts on Tropical Salsa Kettle Brand chips?

Peanut butter and chocolate are never bad. Did you ever try Reese Swoops?

Spicy Doritos are never a bad thing. Did you try the Fiery Habanero flavor?

Was a school lunch ever really complete without Dunkaroos?

You're thirsty at lunch, who you gonna call? Ecto Cooler! Did you ever try one?

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