Tell Us What You Like About Yourself and We'll Guess What Kind of Beauty You Are

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About This Quiz

People don't really like those who brag about themselves too often, but we're going to give you a pass with this fun quiz. There are so many wonderful things about your personality, and now is not the time to be shy about it!

Now if you're thinking, "But I don't have anything to brag about," think again! We're confident that you've accomplished many things in your life, even if you can't remember them! Maybe you did really well in a class a few years ago, or perhaps you recently helped your best friend move to a new home. If you're a nice and genuine person at heart, then you already have a beautiful soul to us. This is because beauty is not just about having a certain type of figure, hair color or facial appearance.

As humans, we're all beautiful in our own unique ways, and this is best expressed through our personalities. Whether you're shy, confident, observant, energetic or intelligent, there are specific traits about you that other people love! And that's what this personality quiz is all about today. We're celebrating beauty from around the world, and you're invited to tell us more about how unique you really are!

Everyone has a certain physical feature that makes them unique, but what's yours?

Do you think that you're more beautiful on the inside or the outside?

How do you spread the love to everyone around you?

What percent honest and straightforward are you as a friend?

Would you describe your intellect as more book smart or street smart?

Are you the type of person who is always striving to be successful in life?

What makes you the best friend that anyone could ever ask for?

If your friend was being mean to you, would you have the heart to forgive them?

Is there anything about yourself that you could improve upon?

Should we use the word "open-minded" to describe your personality?

Which of the following positive personality traits applies to you?

We're positive that you're really good at one of these hobbies, but which one is it?

We know that you're a pro at one of these school subjects, but which one is it?

Which of these Miss America beauty categories would you excel in?

Are you the type of person who believes in taking risks in life?

How do you celebrate your achievements and accomplishments in life?

Which of these classic Mickey Mouse characters matches up with your personality?

Do you believe in doing random acts of kindness for other people?

How do you react to hardships and stressful situations in life?

Using our 1-10 scale, can you tell us how patient of a person you are?

Are you someone who consistently goes above and beyond for their loved ones?

Can you sense when other people are feeling sad, angry or hurt?

Which of these things from your closet would you give to charity?

We're giving out medals for all of your efforts in life! Which of these medals do you deserve?

Do you attract new friends like a cool fridge magnet?

Which type of intelligence should you be matched up to?

One of these Disney movies should be the title of your life, but which one is it?

It looks like you have what it takes to be a model! What type of model would you like to be?

We know that doing chores isn't very fun, but which of these house chores are you really good at?

If you had an extra $100, what would you buy for your best friend?

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