Tell Us What You Think About These Disney Movies and We'll Give You a Signature Nail Polish Color

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Disney has been making movies just short of forever, and they're showing no sign of stopping. It seems to be the opposite, actually. After getting Marvel and some Fox properties under their belt, it's almost like Disney is in charge of everything fun these days, and that's kind of awesome. Alongside their classic characters and stories, it's hard to imagine having grown up without being just a little influenced by the House of Mouse. Have you ever wondered just how much influence Disney has on you, though? Or rather, how your personality influences what you like and don't like in the Disney Universe? There's a lot more going on in there than you might think.

In the interest of keeping things fun, we're pretty confident that if you give us your opinions on some Disney movies, we can do something pretty impressive. We'll take that accumulated knowledge about the world of Disney and how you feel about it and select the absolute perfect signature color for your nail polish. As sure as Pinnochio's nose grows when he lies and as sure as Buzz Lightyear's never actually made it to infinity or beyond, everyone needs a good signature nail polish color. So take the quiz and discover yours!

When it comes to Disney movies, in general, are you more into live-action, traditional animation or computer animation like Pixar?

Everyone likes dogs, right? What's your opinion on "101 Dalmatians?"

"Cinderella" may be one of Disney's most iconic movies ever. Are you a fan?

It's hard to rank things sometimes, but who is your favorite Disney princess?

Just focusing on classic animated Disney movies made before 1970, which one did you like the most?

Usually, a movie makes you cheer for the hero, but have you ever thought one of the villains was right?

If there's one thing Disney can do amazingly well, it's music. What movie do you always sing along with?

Are you down with kitties? What's the best Disney cat out there?

If you're not down with cats then maybe dogs are what you need. Which Disney pup is best?

If pets, in general, are too fuzzy for you, maybe you prefer robots? Which Disney bot is best?

Disney really has a thing for ducks. Do you have a favorite duck?

You need a sidekick in your life. Who's the best one in Disney history?

Not all Disney villains are created equal. Which one really seemed to be the best of the best?

Disney movies all have heroes but some seem to be more heroic than others. Who goes above and beyond as a hero?

There are literally hundreds of Disney movies out there. How many have you seen so far?

Sometimes you need to move beyond animation. Is there a live-action Disney remake that you like more than the others?

Speaking of live action, aside from the remakes, what Disney live-action movie is your absolute favorite?

Most Disney movies get a little serious, but which one got so serious it made you get a little misty?

There's a big trend for live-action remakes in the last few years. What are you hoping to see a live action version of in the future?

Who is, hands down, the funniest character in a Disney movie?

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise has been huge. Which one is your favorite?

Aside from "Pirates of the Caribbean," what's the best movie based on a ride?

As great as Disney is, it cranks out the odd stinker. What is your least favorite?

They say parents just don't understand, and in some Disney movies, the parents are just awful. Which of these is the worst parent?

What Disney movie is worth putting on over and over and over again?

Let's give Pixar some love. Of all the amazing Pixar movies, what did you love the most?

The "Star Wars" universe is part of Disney so which "Star Wars" movie is the best one?

Do you know what else is part of Disney? The Marvel Cinematic Universe! Which Marvel movie has been the best of the best?

There's a lot of romance in Disney movies, but there has to be one couple that's just better than the rest, right? Who was it?

Some sidekicks talk and some don't. Which silent sidekick was still pretty awesome?

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