Tell Us What You Think About These Dog Breeds and We’ll Guess Which One You Own


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According to statistics, there are around 90 million dogs in America right now.  That's more dogs than there are people in Canada.  It also means we really love our dogs and we're happy to share out lives with them. There are also a few hundred different breeds out there as well so narrowing down the one you like the most or the one that will be the best fit for your home isn't always the easiest task. Sometimes you just see the right dog on an off chance and it clicks. Other times you really need to do your research and figure out which one is best. 

The fun thing about choosing your dog is that, since there are so many breeds out there, there's bound to be one that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you have a family or live alone, whether you want an active pet or one that just sits around to keep you company, there's a dog out there for you.  In fact, if you tell us your opinion of some dog breeds, we can nail down what kind of dog is perfect for you. Maybe we can even guess what dog you currently have in your home right now!  Just answer the quiz and see!

Dogs are organized by groups for shows. What group of dogs do you like the most?

Elvis Presley seemed to like hound dogs. What kind of hound is the coolest?

Are you a terrier fan? Which kind of terrier would you take for a walk?

If you like a dog with a lot of energy, then maybe a working dog is what you need. Which breed do you like the most?

Some dogs are bigger than big. What monster breed is best?

If you have trouble deciding on a dog, maybe just go with your favorite color. Which colorful breed do you like the most?

Are you a fan of designer dog breeds? Which one do you like the most?

Many breeds are named after the place from which they come. Which international pooch do you like most?

If you don't like a dog that sheds, you could always go for a hairless breed. Pick one!

Sometimes a bushy dog is best. What furry beast do you like the most?

Bulldogs got their name because they were originally bred for fighting bulls long ago. What bulldog breed is the best?

If you plan on heading up into the mountains you need a mountain dog. What mountain breed is best?

Is there an English breed of dog you like more than the others? Let us know!

There aren't many people working as shepherds these days, but there are still a lot of shepherd dogs! Which one do you like most?

Everyone likes playing fetch with a dog. Retrievers were practically bred for it! What kind of retriever is best?

For a little exotic flare, why not get a French dog? Pick one!

A spaniel is generally a dog with droopy ears and longer hair. What's your favorite spaniel?

Do you like setters? Yeah, you do. What setter is the best setter?

Aren't you sick of your sheep disappearing all the time? Pick a sheepdog to help out!

Germany is home to bratwurst, beer, and many delightful dogs. Which German breed is the best?

Some breeds are much less popular than others. Which of these underrated dog breeds do you like?

Mutts and pugs have pretty simple names but not every dog does. Which of these exotically named dogs is your favorite?

Smushy-faced dogs are hilarious! Which smushy-face is your favorite?

Are you a poof fan? Which one of these poofy breeds is your favorite?

Some people like a dog that looks a little wilder. Which of these wolf-like dogs is the coolest?

Some breeds are better with kids than others. Which if these family-friendly dogs do you like?

Sometimes you need a dog for protection. What's the best breed for a guard dog?

Do you like a speedy dog? Which of these fast breeds do you like the most?

Not everyone likes a high energy dog. Which of these lazy pups do you like the most?

What was the best dog in Hollywood history?

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