Tell Us Which of These Things You'd Do For A Million Dollars And We'll Guess How Much Of A Risk Taker You Are

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There are many types of risky dares in this world that may be accomplished with determination, a certain type of skill set and a focus on the prize money. Such prize money may be small, but this quiz is all about 30 million dollar questions that will put your sanity to the test. So sit back and take a comfortable seat at our game show, because we want to know what you would do for a million dollars!

While we won't tell you some of the questions just yet, think about the old game show "Fear Factor." If you're familiar with such a TV show, then you've probably seen people eat some pretty gross foods, as well as participate in several risky dares. Some of the gross foods that contestants have had to eat in the past have included buffalo testicles, duck embryos, donkey urine and cheese with maggots lurking in it.

So the question now becomes, would you eat any of these foods for $1,000,000? Whether or not this sounds like a piece of cake to you, this quiz will determine how much of a risk-taker you really are. If you're hungry for more cheese with maggots, take our million dollar quiz now!

Would you eat 10 Carolina Reaper peppers in one sitting for $1,000,000?

Do you think you could drive from Alaska to Florida at 35 mph for $1,000,000?

You have the option to start a new life for $1,000,000, but you can never see your friends and family again. Would you do it?

Someone has just offered you $1,000,000 to live in Antarctica for one year. How do you feel about this?

For $1,000,000, you can only eat pizza for the next three years. Would you do it?

Would you work 100 hours a week for six months straight at your current job for $1,000,000?

For $1,000,000, you must change your full name to "Blueberry Sugar Booger." Are you brave enough to do this?

Could you stay awake for five days straight for $1,000,000?

Would you have the courage to vomit on your favorite celebrity for $1,000,000?

Someone is offering you $1,000,000 to dye your hair purple for the next three years. Would you do this?

With $1,000,000 on the line, you have the option of temporarily losing your sight or hearing for a year. Which do you choose to lose?

For $1,000,000, you must be stranded alone on a deserted island for two years. Do you think you could survive?

You see a contest prize of $1,000,000 for whoever can dance and sing naked on a theatrical stage. Would you do this?

Would you have your memory completely wiped out for $1,000,000?

You are not allowed to leave your home for the next five years for $1,000,000. Would you stay sane?

You have the option of being locked in a pitch black room for one week with only some light snacks and water next to you. Would you do this for $1,000,000?

For $1,000,000, you are not allowed to shower or bathe for one year straight. Would this bother you?

Pick your top three favorite types of food. Now imagine not eating them for five years straight for $1,000,000. Could you handle this?

Would you be able to live in a 200 square foot tiny house for $1,000,000?

For the next two years, you are only allowed to walk as your mode of transportation. No cars, buses, bikes or taxis will be allowed. Would you do this for $1,000,000?

For the next 48 hours, you will be forced to live with a few hundred snakes in a small room. Does this sound worthy of $1,000,000?

Imagine staying in bed for six months straight without getting up at all. Would you be able to do this for $1,000,000?

You are forced to relive your worst memory every single day for one month straight. Would $1,000,000 be too little for such a task?

Would you break up with the love of your life for $1,000,000?

Think about writing a 30-page essay about one of your worst subjects. Now imagine doing this every single day for one year straight for $1,000,000. Does this sound like fun to you?

You have just acquired a new superpower. If you keep this a secret for five years, you'll earn a $1,000,000. If you tell anyone, you'll lose the superpower. What would you do?

You have the option of transforming into a goldfish for $1,000,000. You must keep this form for three months straight, but could you handle this new type of change?

Would you want to live on another planet by yourself for the next four years for $1,000,000?

Someone is offering you $1,000,000 to inject you with a drug that will permanently alter your personality. Would you do this?

Would you completely change your physical appearance for $1,000,000?

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