Tell Us About Your Athletic Skills and We'll Tell You Which Ancient Hero You'd Be!

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The "media" of the ancient world was the medium of oral tradition. Stories, passed from city to city by travelers, evolved into myths, and the great tales became legends. Poetic license was used liberally to emphasize certain aspects of the stories' themes, or the heroes' strengths and foibles. Of course, bards would no doubt exaggerate the physical feats of their heroes to make audiences happy.

Taken as archetypes, heroes are a combination of opposites. Well-formed mythic heroes possess a signature strength or skill, which they use to accomplish their heroic acts. Heroes will likewise possess foibles that mark them as human, or at least as imperfect. It is the tension between these two details that make heroes compelling. As a result, every hero and their adventures are inseparable because the experience is what lays bare the hero's weaknesses, and showcases their strengths.

When you play baseball, do you possess the keen eye of an ancient hero, or do your strengths lie more in strategy and patience, as with fencing or football? Do you display leadership qualities on the field that inspire your team to victory or do you decide to sacrifice your glory for the glory of a team victory? Tell us about your athletic skills, and we'll tell you which ancient hero you would be!

Which of these common sports do you like best?

When you're victorious, how do you behave?

What is your preferred position in baseball?

How committed to your sport are you?

How physically sensitive are you?

How skilled are you with bat and ball?

How are you at catching a small ball, like a baseball or a handball?

How accurate are you at throwing things?

How hard can you throw things?

Are you a good team sport player?

How are you in singles competition?

Are you a fast swimmer?

Can you swim long distances?

Are you a good shot with a gun or arrow?

Can you shoot game when you must?

Can you think when you cannot see?

Can you throw out the plan and come up with a new one in the moment?

How good is your subterfuge?

What is your preferred position in soccer?

Are you willing to put in the hours at the gym?

How much does your fitness regimen involve lifting weights?

How much does your fitness regimen involve aerobics?

Do you meditate after a workout?

Can you inspire your team, on the field?

When dealt a defeat, can you regroup?

How do you behave when you lose a game?

Which of these uncommon sports most appeals to you?

Are you a crowd favorite?

What is your preferred position in American football?

When you retire from your sport, what will you do?

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