Tell Us About Your Beauty Routine and We'll Tell You if You're More High or Low Maintenance!

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Do you spend over eight hours beautifying yourself like the glamorous Lady Gaga or do you prefer only to get up and go? Our everyday personal care and beauty routines can say a lot about us. What does your routine say about you? Play on to find out!

You beauty routine has how many steps?

About how long does it take to get thru your daily beauty routine?

How long do you spend lining your lips?

How often do you apply a face mask?

Do you layer your eyeliner?

Is lip plumping a part of your usual routine?

How often do you wash your hair?

Do you use any tanning lotions?

What part of your routine takes up the most time?

How long does it usually take to remove your makeup?

Who do you look to for beauty advice?

Do you follow beauty trends?

Is skincare an important part of your beauty routine?

Do you use eye cream and/or face serums?

How many times a day do you cleanse your face?

Are your nails included in your routine?

How much research do you put into formulating your beauty routine?

How many hours of beauty sleep do you usually try to get?

Is toner a part of your routine?

Do you know what retinol is?

How long does it take to style your hair?

How often do you wax/shave/etc.?

Do you moisturize?

Is picking out your outfits usually easy?

Does your routine usually involve asking for someone else's opinion on how you look?

How long does it take you to shower/bathe?

How often do you tweeze your facial hair?

Has anyone ever complained about how much time you invest into your beauty routine?

Do you keep a checklists for specifics and details of your beauty routine?

About how much cash do you invest into your beauty?

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