Tell Us Your Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Preferences and We'll Reveal When You're Getting Married

By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Do you remember what life was like before the days of Ben and Jerry's? If you don't, then you are pretty lucky. Trying to imagine a world that is not filled with Ben and Jerry's goodness is almost impossible. It is some of the best ice cream around, and much of that is because of all the incredible flavors that Ben and Jerry's has. 

Whether you like some good old-fashioned Strawberry Cheesecake, some ridiculously awesome Chunky Monkey, the super chocolatey goodness of Chocolate Fudge Brownie, if you are into Americone Dream, or if you want to bring some Phish Food out on tour with you, Ben and Jerry's has a flavor of ice cream will drive you wild.

That is cool enough, but what if we were to tell you that we can figure out when you might end up getting married based on what kind of Ben and Jerry's ice cream you prefer. 

Does liking Vanilla more than Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, really have anything to do with whether you are getting married in the near future? You might think that it doesn't, but there really is only one way for you to find out for sure. Take this quiz to find out.

Do you like Hazed & Confused?

Do you like Peanut Butter Fudge?

Is Salted Caramel your favorite?

What do you think of Chunky Monkey?

Do you want any Candy Bar Pie?

How about some That's My Jam?

Is Vanilla your scene?

How about some Banana Split?

Have you tried Boston Cream Pie?

Does Cake Batter sound good?

Do you want to meditate with some Karamel Sutra?

Are you ready for the Americone Dream?

Does some Cheesecake Brownie sound good?

Would some Cherry Garcia get you truckin?

Is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in your plans?

Everyone loves Chocolate Fudge Brownie, right?

Do you want to be a Chubby Hubby?

Want to get Half Baked?

Want some Milk and Cookies?

Can you resist New York Super Fudge Chunk?

Want some Peanut Butter Cup?

Want to take some Phish Food on tour?

Have you tried Red Velvet Cake?

Want some Smores?

Strawberry Cheese Cake sound okay?

How about Pistachio Pistachio?

Would Triple Caramel Chunk hit the spot?

Want some Vanilla Toffee Bar Crunch?

Does Coffee Caramel Buzz sound good?

Do you want any What a Cluster?

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