Tell Us About Your Boyfriend and We'll Tell You If He Loves Football More Than He Loves You

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The football season is a grand American tradition. It runs from September to February, starting with regular league games and culminating in the Superbowl, one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. Forty percent of the National Football League fans are women, according to the league itself, but the sport itself is all-male. It is also the source of contention in many couples where the boyfriend is just a little too enthused about it.

Being concerned about a boyfriend who is too into football isn't unreasonable, after all. There are valid reasons not to be entirely thrilled about a strong level of interest. Football is one of the most dangerous sports played by regular folks. Some of the injuries are pretty intense, and brain scans of former players show that sadly, almost all who make it to the college or professional level suffer brain injury. There is also a strong culture of doping, and many off-the-field scandals that eliminate certain players from being the kind of guy you'd want your true love to admire. Plus, hardcore football fandom is amazingly time-consuming. So if your boyfriend really does love football more than you, that might be a red flag for your relationship.

On the other hand, perhaps your boyfriend loves football a healthy amount, knowing its flaws while enjoying its many upsides - such as athleticism, teamwork, admirable activism by some players, and entertainment. If he still loves you a million times more, then that's also handy information to have - and it tells you that your fella is one to keep! Let's take this quiz to find out where he falls.

Does he make you watch the game with him?

Whose photo is on his lock screen?

Would a person monitoring his social media know more about you than his favorite team?

If your birthday fell on the Superbowl, would he take you out?

If you said, "It's just a game", what would he do?

Does he dress up to watch the game?

How many games does he go to see in person?

Does he follow the college game as well as the professional?

How worried is he about brain injury to the players?

Would he boycott a team that knowingly kept a really bad guy on its roster?

Does he have a strong opinion about the #TakeAKnee protests?

Which player or former player does he admire most?

Does he play with his buddies?

Does he know the stats of every player in the league?

Does he trivialize anything that is considered "girly"?

If his team has a bad day, does he have a bad day?

How does he react when his team wins?

If he moved cities, would he change which team he supports?

How does he react when foreigners say soccer is better?

Does he secretly wish he could've been in the NFL?

If you made food for him to eat while watching, how would he react?

If you offered to watch the game with him, what would he assume was your motive?

If you sincerely became interested in football, how would he react?

Has he ever literally forgotten to watch a game he meant to watch?

If he recorded a game to watch later and you accidentally let slip the results, what would he do?

Have you ever been flat out embarrassed by his game-day behavior?

Does he talk about football more than he knows you want to hear about it?

Does he really see watching the game as more of a social occasion than anything?

If the game goes long but you have a date planned, will he skip the end to keep his commitment to you?

If you get between him and the TV by mistake, what happens?

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