Tell Us About Your Car and We'll Guess How Long You've Been Married

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Tanya Constantine/Blend Images/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Unless you're really rich, you probably don't just buy cars for fun. Cars are expensive to obtain, insure, and maintain. They are expensive to run, and usually, if you're going somewhere in a car, you're going someplace you're going to spend money.

When you have a family to consider, your priorities around your transportation will change. A young bachelor might prefer a two-seater, but give that man a wife and two kids and suddenly, that little sports car seems ridiculous. A car itself is just the beginning. Just as a home can be chosen for purposes of raising a family or a back yard can be prepared to keep toddlers safe, the things with which you fill your home, your pockets, or your car, reflect what you expect to use it for, and what hopes and fears you have for yourself and your family.

As life goes on, you may improve your knowledge base by making mistakes, or learning from others. If you worry about asthma, you'll prepare differently than if you're worried about obesity, or bullying, or any of the other things married folks consider when they plan for the future.

So think about how you set up your life, your car, and your marriage, and we'll tell you how long you've been wed!

Are you driving a car that either you or your spouse brought into the marriage?

What style of car do you currently drive?

What kind of tires do you have on your car?

What detail was the one you were thinking of most when you went to buy your car?

What detail finally sold you on your car?

What brand is most similar to the one you own?

What body style does your car have?

How many doors does your car have?

Do you use your car for work, as well as household stuff?

What infotainment do you have for the rear seats?

What upholstery do you have?

How many adults can sit comfortably in your car for long journeys?

How far down do your car's rear windows go?

How often do you get your car detailed?

What does the inside of your car smell like?

What kind of special seating do you have in your car?

What weird noise does your car make?

How good is the insulation in your car at keeping out the outside noises?

What do you hate about your car's infotainment system?

What is your car's best feature?

What first aid items do you keep in your car?

What odds and ends do you keep in your glove box?

What filth can't you clean off your car?

Could you take your car off road if you wanted to?

Is your car an object of envy?

How cool did you think your car was when you got it?

How cool do you think your car is now?

How often is your car charged full of other people's kids?

Is there a mark on the back of your front seats from where they have been kicked?

Would you buy the new version of your current car?

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