Tell Us About Your Dog and We'll Guess What Job You Have

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Your dog is your best friend. It's the only friend you have who has never lost patience with you. It has never told you that you don't look good in an outfit, that your five-hours-later comeback tweet wasn't the most brilliant and scintillating thing anyone's ever said in the digital sphere, or that your essay was, in fact, a poorly thought-out mess and you barely deserved the C you got for it. Nope, to your dog, you're a hero. You're an angel. You are the very walking essence of all things cuddly and good and delightful.

Of course, just because you can predict that your dog will absolutely adore you doesn't mean you know much else about how they're going to turn out. You can choose by breed, but that's mostly a matter of guidelines. How you treat your dog, and your dog's personality, are the biggest factors by far. That means that your dog's behavior, attitudes, and preferences reflect on the way you raised it - and that means we can deduce a lot about you by asking about your dog. Prepare to tell us about your furry friend, and we'll tell you what line of work you're in!

How big is your dog?

Be honest: how well-trained is your dog?

How many words does your dog know?

What is your dog's party trick?

Does your dog get separation anxiety?

Does your dog like strangers?

Are people scared of your dog?

Does your dog stand in as a therapist?

Does your dog ever go to work with you?

Does your dog know a lot of your friends?

Is your dog allowed to touch you in your work clothes?

If it doesn't come to work, where is your dog while you're at work?

How many clothes does your dog have?

Do you use a dog walker?

Do you have more than one dog?

How many photos of your dog are on social media?

Be honest: is your dog partly compensating for the fact that your work makes dating impossible?

What's the naughtiest thing your dog does?

What sort of food does your dog eat?

What dead thing has your dog brought you as a gift?

Where does your dog meet its doggie friends?

How many times a week do strangers stop you with your dog to say hi to it?

Does your dog help you get dates?

Has your dog ever growled at anyone to protect you?

Is your dog your primary source of home security?

Has your dog ever burned their paws on the pavement?

How does your dog feel about swimming?

Do you ever feel a little guilty about not being able to provide your dog with the ideal farm lifestyle?

Where does your dog sleep?

Do you clean your dog's paws when it comes indoors?

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