Tell Us About Your Dog and We'll Tell You Which Truck You Are

Zoe Samuel

Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Your dog is your best friend, and how you choose your friends tells us a lot about you - not least, how you roll when you get out on the road. Based on your dog, which truck are you?

How big is your dog?

How much does your dog eat?

How loud is your dog?

Be honest: how smart is your dog?

Does your dog have a lot of stamina?

Is your dog hypoallergenic?

Is your dog a fancy or regular breed?

Is your dog in good shape?

Is your dog aggressive?

Does your dog love the great outdoors?

How cuddly is your dog?

Does your dog like strangers?

Does your dog have good instincts about who is friendly and who is not?

What is your dog's favorite treat?

How many naps does your dog take per day?

Is your dog any good at catching its own dinner?

Does your dog have good camouflage?

How expensive was your dog?

How often do you groom your dog?

How does your dog feel about bath time?

Is your dog more of a belly rub or a back scratch kind of a dog?

Is your dog prone to injury?

What does your dog cost you in vet's bills each year?

What does your dog cost you in chewed-up shoes and other household items?

Where does your dog rank in the dog park hierarchy?

How fearless is your dog?

How fast is your dog?

How many tennis balls can your dog carry at once?

Can your dog jump very high?

Does your dog like to show off?

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