Tell Us Your Dream Valentine's Day Date and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status!

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About This Quiz

Valentine's Day is the holiday that reminds us how to love, whether it be enjoying your family or loving your significant other. Between taking care of kids or working extra hours to pay the bills, day-to-day life wears us down, making us forget about showing our loved ones that we care. Valentine's Day is a beautiful reminder to show those dear to our heart that we love and care for them. 

When you decide to go big on your loving date, Valentine's Day gestures are a lot of fun to put together! Weekend trips to explore small towns nearby are a lot of fun. Dressing up fancy for a dinner date in the city is a great way to spend Valentine's Day too. Sometimes there are cool special events that you can buy tickets to, like a wine tasting train ride or a love-themed murder mystery party. Whatever you end up planning, you are sure to have a great time making memories with the one you love. 

Whether you want an intimate date at home or a big fancy surprise, your dream Valentine's Day is an expression of your love life. Take this quiz to see if we can guess your relationship status based on your ideal way to spend Valentine's Day!

What is your favorite token of affection to give your crush?

What does your perfect Valentine's Day start with?

How do you make your hair extra special?

What is your favorite way to accent your eyes?

Which romantic flowers are given at the door?

Which part of your outfit do you know will get your date's attention?

Where would you want to go first?

What vehicle takes you and your significant other around town?

How would you want to spend the day with your honey?

What's the weather like on your perfect date?

What does your date smell like when you lean in for a hug?

What is your favorite jewelry made from?

How dressed up are you getting for the evening of your romantic Valentine's day?

Where are your dinner plans?

Which adult beverage helps you both relax?

What main course would you love eating for dinner?

Did you get your date a gift?

What is your ideal dessert to share?

Which physical feature of your date is most attractive?

Which aphrodisiac food is your favorite?

What kind of romantic lighting would you choose for the evening?

What does the end-of-the-night kiss feel like?

What after-dinner activity does your date surprise you with?

What would you wear when you slip into something a little more comfortable?

What do you find most charming about your date?

Who is the first person you text to dish about how great your date was?

Would you ever get married on Valentine's Day?

How do you like your chocolate?

Which sweet treat is Valentine's Day not complete without?

What part of the day do you fall asleep thinking about?

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