Tell Us About Your Favorite '90s Cartoons and We'll Guess if You're Male or Female!

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Listen up, Rugrats! Although most of us like to think of the '90s like they were yesterday, they were a few decades back. Now, we can look back at the cartoons that got us out of bed every Saturday morning and see them for the real classics they are. 

Take a trip down nostalgia lane with us, and revisit all those cartoons that helped to shape your young mind. The way you choose to respond to our questions about your favorite '90s animated characters, shows, and storylines will help us to guess if you are male or female accurately. It's not yet a science as exact as Professor Utonium's, but we are more than confident we will figure it out. 

It won't be as simple as choosing between Chuckie or Angelica or Beavis and Butt-Head, but we do think you will be transported back to your bowl of Fruit Loops on your mom's couch. You will give away just enough clues for us to figure out which section of the store you shop in, and you'll have a great time while you do it. 

Channel your inner Blossom or your deeply held Stu Pickles, and we'll tell you if you are a girl or a guy! Do you think we can do it?

Would you rate "Johnny Bravo" as one of your favorite '90s cartoons?

Do you think Beavis is funnier than Butt-Head?

Which of the Rugrats are you most like?

Which of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did you find most fierce?

Is your best friend more like Kenny, Kyle, or Eric from Southpark?

What do you think of Peggy Hill?

Did you like "TaleSpin" or "DuckTales" more?

Which of Inspector Gadget's gadgets would you like to have?

Would you rather have Ren or Stimpy as a pet?

Which '90s Nickelodeon cartoon would you rewatch?

Which Gargoyles character are you most like in the mornings?

Which '90s Cartoon Network show did you watch most often?

Which Adult Swim cartoon do you find coolest?

Which King of the Hill character would you like to have a beer with?

Did you like "Daria"?

Are you more like Dexter or Mandark?

Which character from "The Simpsons" would you have over for dinner?

Would your mom say you are more like Ed, Edd, or Eddy?

Which villain from "Captain Planet and The Planeteers" would you have been in the '90s?

Do you like lasagne as much as Garfield?

Which Timon & Pumbaa character would you like to have for a pet?

Did you like "Recess" or "Arthur" more back in the day?

Do you still remember the Animaniacs theme song?

Which '90s cartoon would you like to see brought back?

How often did you watch "Pokemon"?

Do you like Blossom, Buttercup, or Bubbles more?

Do you still watch "Rocky's Modern Life"?

Which character from "The Magic School Bus" would you like to be most like?

Would you watch "Recess" again?

Did you watch "Batman: The Animated Series"?

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