Tell Us About Your Favorite Bible Verses and We'll Guess How Long You Have Known Jesus

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About This Quiz

Some people spend their entire lives studying the Bible, and there are others who have only recently discovered the good book. As we learn about the Bible verses that motivate and inspire you the most, we will learn more and more about your personality and your lifestyle. You don't need to be a Bible scholar to ace this quiz. We are simply going to ask you about the verses you most find fitting and relevant to our questions. 

By the time we've completed our questions, we will have a good sense of the way you live your Christian life. We will also be able to accurately guess how long you've known Jesus as your personal savior. Learning the Bible can take years of study, but no matter how long you've been reading it, this quiz will make it easy. You might even find a few new verses to add to your favorites list. 

Tell us about the quotes that sum up your faith, your loyalty, and your dedication to your family. Then, we'll know how long you've been walking in the light. Choose your favorite verses from our list, and we'll do the rest. Ready to let us guess how long you've known Jesus? 

Which verse about loyalty do you like most?

Which verse about loving your neighbor do you like most?

Which Bible verse about fellowship rings truest with you?

Which verse about food do you enjoy the most?

How often do you read your Bible?

Which money-related verse do you keep in mind?

Which verse about dogs hits closest to home?

Can recite all the words to John 3:16?

Which popular Bible verse is the most thought provoking?

Do you take more inspiration from the Old Testament or the New Testament?

Which Numbers verse is most powerful?

Which verse about family makes you think?

Which Bible verse about debt is a good reminder?

Which verse about prayer do you take to heart?

Which Bible verse do you repeat to yourself sometimes?

Which verse about faith keeps you in the game?

Which verse about trust helps you?

Which verse helps to calm you when you are anxious?

Which verse about forgiveness should more people remember?

Which verse about pride keeps you down to earth?

Which verse about service motivates you most?

Which verse about gifts do you like most?

Which verse about sex do you know best?

Which verse about heaven gives you the most hope?

Which verse about patience soothes you?

Which verse about dreams makes you smile?

Which Bible verse about parenthood reminds you of your parents?

Which verse about sin keeps you in line?

Which verse about animals makes you think?

Which verse about creativity inspires you most?

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