Tell Us About Your Favorite Royals, and We'll Tell You What Country You Should Rule!

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While it's no secret that you could rule the world, let's start with one country at a time. Sharing your love for the world's royal figures will tell us a lot about your ruling style. You may be stern like Queen Elizabeth, or you may be laid back like Prince Charles. It's our job to take your personality traits based on the royals you love most and give you the perfect country to rule. 

Some countries have royals that lead opulent and excessive lifestyles. Other countries have royals that prefer to live more modestly. Telling us about the royals you find most attractive, fascinating, or sensible will lead you to the country where you would not only feel at home, but you would also lead to becoming the best country in the world. 

Royal personalities are as different and as varied as the personalities of us common folk. The ones you admire the most will give away your leadership skills. We are sure that you present yourself with the grace of Kate Middleton at a fundraising ceremony, but ruling a country is a big deal. It's important to get it as right as Meghan Markle's wedding gown fit. 

Describe your royal worship to us, and we'll tell you where you'll begin to rule the world!

Did you watch Prince Harry's wedding?

Which country surprises you to know has a royal family?

Which royal bride did you think was most beautiful?

Do you like Prince Charles or Prince William more?

What do you think the Queen of England thinks about most?

What was your favorite thing about Princess Diana?

Do you think Prince William and Kate should have more children?

Which royal man is sexiest?

How do you feel about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall?

Which Disney princess do you like most?

Do you find Prince Albert of Monaco attractive?

Do you like Belgium's King Philippe?

Which country's royals would you like to have dinner with?

Which of Thailand's royal family do you think is most fashionable?

Which real life castle would you most like to visit?

Which royal's commitment to charity makes you happy?

Which princess do you find most graceful?

Would you rather have lunch with Princess Beatrice or Princess Eugenie of York?

Which of Prince William's children is the cutest?

Do you like seeing Prince Andrew on television?

Would you go on a date with Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark?

How do you feel about Princess Theodora being on a soap opera?

Why do you think Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein is still single?

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the UAE loves poetry. Would you go to a reading with him?

Do you think Prince Phillip is funny?

What do you like most about Princess Anne?

What do you think of the Duchess of Sussex?

Do you prefer photos of royal ceremonies or royals doing casual thing?

Which member of a royal family would you be?

What do you like most about Prince Charles?

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