Tell Us About Your Kids and We'll Tell You How They're Going to Change the World

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Everyone believes their child is capable of changing the world - but yours really are! With just a little information about them, we can tell you exactly how.

How spoiled are your kids?

How smart are they?

Are they cynical?

Do they get on?

What's an unbreakable rule in your house?

How do you punish them?

Do they like their extended family?

Do they play outside?

Have they ever mutilated a toy?

Have they ever drawn on the walls over the age of four?

Do they like to build things?

Do you do arts and crafts together?

Do they do pretend play?

How good are they at games like Scrabble and Stratego?

Do they play any non-educational video games?

How much screen time do they have per day?

Do they get bullied at school?

Have you ever heard of them bullying other kids at school?

Do they share their toys?

Do they have a lot of friends?

Are they cool?

Do they respect you, most of the time?

Do they like monster movies?

How religious is your household?

Do they think it's OK to challenge authority?

Do they ever talk back to teachers?

Do they study hard?

Do they show curiosity about the world?

How many non-school books do they read per month?

Who is a role model of theirs, besides you?

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