Tell Us Your Movie Preferences and We'll Tell You Which Country Best Fits Your Personality

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Movies are things that we have to come to grow to love - and it really wasn't that difficult! Having crazy scenes of cars jumping from building to building, teenage boys flying on brooms, and seeing a quest to destroy a ring play out before our very eyes have made movie fans of all us, but the kind that we all like may differ. So we want to ask you about your movie tastes. We'll go as iconic as "Scarface" and as new as the live-action redo of "Winnie the Pooh." 

It'll be your job to rate some of our movies, to tell us what you get up to in the movie theater, how often you go and just who you go with. By the time we're done, we'll be able to tell you which of the almost two hundred countries in the world shares your personality. Could your movie tastes tell us that you're similar to Finland? Will they tell us that you're more like Australia? Are you more like the United States? Or are you something else entirely? 

To find out which country it could be, come answer our questions. A move might be in your future soon after. Who knows?

Before we get to the movie picking, tell us about your habits. How often do you sit down and watch a movie?

Who do you watch it with?

What's your favorite movie snack?

What about going to the movie theater? About how many times a month do you do it?

What movie genre are you drawn to?

Which movie franchise was your favorite to watch?

Which kids movie are you not ashamed to admit you loved?

Which of these movies is the funniest?

Musicals can be quite annoying for some, but which of these did you enjoy?

When it comes to action, which of these got your heart pumping?

We haven't spoken about romance movies yet. Which of these is the best?

And how could we forget about Disney? Which of these animated favorites could you watch over and over again?

And which live-action one really did it for you?

Which movie featuring witches and wizards make you want to have magic too?

In the vampire world, which movie series wins?

Which black and white legendary film would you watch?

Which of these subscriptions do you watch your at-home movies on?

Which documentary made you curious?

And which animal movie took your money?

Would you rather, scream, laugh, cry or shout?

How many movies do you think you've seen?

Can we take a little detour to TV land? What's your favorite time of day to watch television?

Which medical drama would you actually watch?

And what about your favorite CSI series? Which of these do you like most?

Which reality TV show are you a big fan of?

And which competition would you try out for?

Back to movie metropolis. Which of these actors is the best at what they do?

Which book that was turned into a movie was your favorite?

If you were to be part of the movie-making process, what would your role be?

Do you think you could be a movie critic?

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